National Hunt Betting System Tip

A few weeks ago I mentioned a researched methodology from the PunterProfits website called the Nh 500

See long term research phase profits on this post

The live testing phase is producing some very good results and is very roughly £900 ahead to £100 bets at early prices.  That is after about nine bets live testing phase.. so early days but encouraging and backing up the most interesting long term research data.

There are two qualifers today from this methodology and I will post one of them here

Rajnagan 4.55 Cheltenham  you can get 12/1 BOG  boylesport or victor chandler and about 16/1  at Betfair.

NB The research data profits assume backing all on the nose.

Some will be at big prices however and the personal choice will always be there to go each way on such occassion.

If  interested in more information on this Nh 500 national hunt betting methodology go visit and ask about it.  It has spawned from their private member area and as of today there is no outer info webpage about it as yet.


NH 500 Portfolio Horse Racing Tip

This free racing tip today is from a new method now available to full members over at

So far it has been done on the quiet only to full members there.

There is no info on it as yet on the outer PunterProfits site.

Christened the NH 500 Portfolio the rough idea is that several well researched methodologies are combined into a single portfolio to provide a diversified approach.

The data below is the researched data.

Everything below is based on Starting  Price and as such is conservative compared to real life returns making use of betting Exchanges such as Betfair of bookmaker early prices especially those offer Best Odds Guaranteed.

Year wins Runs SR% Profit ROI%
2003 112 322 34.78 25.66 7.97
2004 82 257 31.91 6.53 2.54
2005 84 247 34.01 9.34 3.78
2006 88 286 30.77 134.62 47.07
2007 87 275 31.64 35.01 12.73
2008 78 275 28.36 20.95 7.62
2009 103 346 29.77 149.76 43.28
2010 103 333 30.93 58.95 17.70
2011 98 344 28.49 74.38 21.62
2012 75 243 30.86 103.14 42.44
Totals 910 2928 31.08 618.34 21.12

Looking to the future the key concept is one of educated risk.

History certainly looks very positive.

Only two past selections emailed out to full members so far.

One loser then a winner yesterday at 10/3 early odds.


There is one selection today from the above methodology

4.00 Fontwell – Venetian Lad – 9/1 BOG with William Hill , victor chandler, Paddy Power, Stan James

Such a tip is best viewed sensibly.

In no way is it a nailed on winner.

Based on long term stats data of 21% ROI and nothing else one might assess it to be a true 7/1 chance but with 9/1 available at the bookies.

So it will still lose 7 times out of 8 but that one winner in eight will give you a net profitover the long term.

Bet a few hundred such value horses and you should be well ahead.

Go contact PunterProfits if you want extra detail data on the NH 500 such as a detailed spreadsheet containing info on all 2928 past qualifiers.

Such data is useful for stage two of any good betting approach that being sensible and suitable bank roll management.



Horses Who Switch Stables

Horses Switching Stables – A Good Or Bad Thing?

As a punter one often looks for little clues pointing to a good bet.
One point that often attracts interest is when a horse is switched from one trainer to another.

Picture a young soccer player for example who had been with a lower league club
but who more recently switched sides and had the benefit of tuition from the likes of Arsne Wenger.
Would you expect him to improve his performance level a touch?

With horse racing switching to a new trainer can indeed have some impact.
However I feel myself it is perhaps point a bit like first time blinkers that may get
over reported and over bet as a result.

The reality is that a switch in trainer most often does not lead to a big gamble landed.

However some trainers are actually very very adapt at getting an improved run from a new horse in their care.
One untested theory could be their attitude.
eg do they send it out quickly to judge what it can do or do they train and improve
privately before unleashing the improved performer in a real race.

There is huge performance variation between trainers in this zone.

The obvious question to ask then is which trainers are very profitable to bet
when they have a new to them horse running for them and which should be avoided
by backers like the plague or layed on the betting Exchanges such as Betfair or betdaq.

This question has been answered for national hunt horses in an informative free article
over at PunterProfits.

Well worth a  read.

See Horses Who Switch Stables

Bold Racing Tip For Lingfield

Our Usual free Saturday Tip from Guy at

Guy is aiming to hit an impressive five winning weekends in a row !


L i n g f i e l d   2.15

EVEN BOLDER 7/1 + Each Way

I start with a difficult nursery at 12.30 but I feel we
have enough negatives to sort this out. I have made
COMPTON TARGET my selection and had a saver
on Moment In The Sun but I could easily have gone
the other way around. I dont think I will be far away
here but I didn’t really see this bet as selection class.
The short price means SAFARI SUNSEEKER is not
going to be the selection either but a hot profile and
I think he probably will win. I do have a dilemma in
EVEN BOLDER and it is preying on my mind a bit.

In the last two days the best bet in the message won
at 7/1 and 7/2 but only when mentions. Yesterday I
had the first 5 winners at Lingfield and now I come
back to having a selection it would just be so typical
if Lingfield were to bear it’s teeth to throw up some
traffic problems. EVEN BOLDER is often unlucky
and he runs at a track where you need luck so I will
not be surprised I report tomorrow how unlucky he
has been. Emotion and Scare Mongering aside what
a great price he is. Freely available at 8/1 on Betfair
this is the Lowest Class of race he has raced in for
a very long time. He has been beautifully Placed in
this race. He has slipped in nicely into a 0-65 race
for the first time in years and meets opponents he
should be able to beat. We have a Top jockey and
I think he should be closer to 7/2 than 7/1 and he
could be bigger later on. He has to be worth a bet.

L i n g f i e l d   2.15

3/1 Wreningham, 100/30 Griffin Point, 9/2 Royal Bajan
6/1 Dorothy4s Dancing, 7/1 Even Bolder, 12/1 Sherjawy
12/1 Vhujon, 12/1 Welsh Inlet, 25/1 Dells Breezer.

* This is a 5f Handicap for 0-65 rated horses
* There are 104 similar races at this time of year
* DELLS BREEZER – Opposable with 1 run this year from 5f
* DOROTHY4S DANCING  is hard to read
* She is a 3yo filly and has just 1 run in the last 59 days
* That would worry me for a filly so lightly raced
* I looked at fillies like her with 9-12 runs and Class 4 form
* I found 1 similar winner a long time ago
* That horse had a stone less weight and more recent run
* DOROTHY4S DANCING – Not a negative but not for me
* I am uncomfortable with her profile
* VHUJON – Doesnt really offer me enough
* Not hard to see him getting outpaced here
* Not sure he is capable of taking this over 5f
* GRIFFIN POINT is 4yo filly from a 5f race
* I found 3 winners with that profile but all had more backclass
* None like GRIFFIN POINT has between 13 and 20 runs either
* She has 17 runs and isnt quite right
* I like the recent run just not the limited backclass
* SHERJAWY is a exposed 7 year old
* He lacks a recent run within 2 weeks
* There were 4 winners but 3 had Listed or Group class backclass
* Those like SHERJAWY who didnt were just 1-45
* That winner ran better than he did last time and with less weight
* SHERJAWY -  Not an impressive profile
* He is well handicapped though and not a negative

S h o r t l i s t

* ROYAL BAJAN is 3 from a 5f handicap
* He lacks a recent run and has Class 4 form before
* I found 2 winners like him but with 2 differences
* Both winners ran closer last time than he did
* Both had 8st 11lbs or less and he has 9st 6lbs
* ROYAL BAJAN is not a negative but not quite right
* I’d like less weight and a more recent run
* ROYAL BAJAN has had just 1 race in the last 94 days
* Thats not a lot for a 5f sprinter
* WELSH INLET is an exposed 3yo filly
* She comes from a 5f handicap and has Class 4 form
* I found 2 recent winners bit both ran within 2 weeks
* None with her profile tried to win absent over 2 weeks
* WELSH INLET has a Neutral profile
* WRENINGHAM is an exposed 6yo winning last time
* I found a couple of winners with a similar profile
* One had far more backclass but he ism just about ok
* This is a career high mark though and he is beatable


* EVEN BOLDER is an 8yo from a 5f race
* All winners his age and over did the same thing
* They all finished within 2 lengths of the winner last time
* EVEN BOLDER beaten 3.5 lengths is not technically right
* Ignore that as he was badly drawn and badly hampered last time
* He could and should easily have been much closer
* This is also a drop in class for him
* When has this horse ever had only a 0-64 field to beat
* EVEN BOLDER has a massive chance for me
* He has spent almost his entire career in better class
* I would see him as a serious runner for all his frustrations

Nb 7/1 was available earlier when full members got this.

Best price now 13/2 at VC

Soccer Betting Software Free Trial

There is a free trial currently available of some high power betting software aimed at more serious soccer punters.  It is on the whole an indepth analysis tools providing you with more stats than you could shake a stick at about soccer matches.

I can see bookmakers using this.

I can envisage soccer tipster sites using it.

It is also suitable for more serious soccer punters seeking an edge through research.

Andrew Black one of the founders of Betfair says about this kit….“Without a shadow of a doubt, the best product on the market and one that gives you a real edge”

Anyhow with a  one month free trail on offer you can judge with your own eyes if it is a good match up to yourself.

Click here ==> Soccer Software

Free Horse Racing Tip For Newmarket

The following comes from Guy over at the Mathematician site

For more free advice from him see ==> free horse racing tips


N e w m a r k e t 5.00


Each Way Bet

* Do not mix the name up with another horse
* Another horse in the same race has a similar name.
* The bet is Number 8 on the card Golden Desert

I’ve gone with GOLDEN DESERT and He is one of
those bets that you know is unsafe but his price does
compensate for that. He is knocking in a bit aged 7
and hasn’t won for 2 years and it’s not hard to see a
couple of younger horses beating him. That said it’s
a race with a lot of good negatives. There are some
very good reasons why he might win this race. I see
promise in his last run where I flagged him up before
the race at 20/1. He ran well last time and although
I wouldnt have tipped him at 8/1 the 18/1 is far too
big as is the 20/1 on Betfair so going with him today.

N e w m a r k e t 5.00

Betfred The Bonus King Handicap
(CLASS 2) (3yo+ 0-100) 7f

4/1 Asraab, 13/2 White Frost, 8/1 Bonnie Brae
8/1 Golden Delicious, 10/1 Lutine Bell
12/1 Axiom, 12/1 Mr David, 14/1 Elna Bright
14/1 Gallagher, 16/1 Citrus Star, 16/1 Mia4s Boy
16/1 Woodcote Place, 20/1 Golden Desert
25/1 Space Station, 25/1 Striking Spirit.

* This is a 0-98 handicap over 7 furlongs
* Newmarket has had 22 similar races at this time of year
* There has been 68 similar races at other tracks
* I think the Draw Shows you want a Middle Draw
* I would be worried about horses drawn very low
* I would also be worried about horses drawn very high
* I predict the winner will be drawn between 3 and 14
* STRIKING SPIRIT is not well drawn in Stall 16
* I didnt like him profile at all exposed from 6f
* Not without a recent race
* STRIKING SPIRIT is statistically weak
* ASRAAB could have been better drawn in stall 15
* ASRAAB only has 1 run this season
* Horses doing that in 68 races had a 1-19 record
* That winner was a completely different type
* ASRAAB has a long absence as well and only 3 runs
* Its an Unsafe profile and not a great draw
* I’d be a Fool to discount him from Godolphins
* As an option in this race he doesn’t really appeal
* WHITE FROST has a bad draw in Stall 1
* I dont like his profile from a 3yo handicap either
* There were 4 winners doing this
* Those with Under 7 runs that season were 0-48
* WHITE FROST has just 4 runs and I see him as weak
* WOODCOTE PLACE has a bad draw in Stall 14
* I looked at Exposed horss in 68 similar races
* Those with 1-2-3-4-5 runs that year were 0-43
* WOODCOTE PLACE has only 4 runs and is 8 years old
* No exposed horse aged 6 won without at least 6 runs
* WOODCOTE PLACE has to be underraced this year
* MIA4S BOY also looks underraced this year
* He is 7 and has had just 4 runs this season
* ELNA BRIGHT won a 5f handicap last time
* More than happy to oppose him doing that
* Especially as an exposed 6 year old and he looks wrong
* AXIOM is 7 and only 2 winners were as old
* I looked at all exposed horss aged 6 or more
* Those without Pattern Class form won just 5 races
* Most of these had more runs that season than him
* None of these carried more than 9st weight as well
* AXIOM has a difficult task from Topweight
* GALLAGHER is very well treated these days
* There is a doubt about what he can achieve these days
* Recently changed stables he ran ok last time
* He is underraced this year though
* Exposed horses from 6f or shorter struggled
* Those that won were rare and all had far more runs
* GALLAGHER falls short for me
* Fillies dont have a great record in these races
* None were absent as long as BONNIE BRAE
* BONNIE BRAE looks wrong as a filly absent 63 days
* Winning last time with that absence worries me
* BONNIE BRAE doesnt offer me enough
* GOLDEN DELICIOUS is a 3yo filly
* These 3yo fillies have a poor record and he isnt for me
* SPACE STATION is an exposed 5yo
* Statistically he is generally fine with no weak areas
* The only question remains has he got the class
* There are some factors that worry me
* SPACE STATION has a career high mark
* He has only ever won in a Class 4 race before
* He needs to produce a career best by some way
* All his wins come on sharp tracks as well
* MR DAVID is an unexposed 4yo from 7f
* All 4 year olds with 9-20 runs doing this were 3-83
* Those without a run in 2 weeks were just 1-44
* That winner had much less weight than he does
* None had raced in Group class before like him
* I Dont fancy him but there are better negatives
* Wouldnt be a complete shock but not for me

S h o r t l i s t

* CITRUS STAR is an unexposed 4yo from 7f
* All 4 year olds with 9-20 runs doing this were 3-83
* Those with 13-20 runs like him were only 1-59
* All 3 of these unexposed winners were different
* Troubles me he only has 5 runs that season
* I’d like more and I cant match him exactly to a winner
* CITRUS STAR is respected and shortlistable
* I did struggle to find enough I liked

* LUTINE BELL is an exposed 4yo from 7f
* He has Class 2 form and no higher
* I found 4 winners that had that profile in 68 races
* LUTINE BELL was 2nd last time in a tough race
* That was a career best performance
* He has to repeat that today but should go well
* A couple of things worry me
* I think he has plenty of weight for his profile
* There is a chance his last run was a falsely run race
* The 1-2-3 all came from behind that day
* They may have benefitted from the pace of the race
* I wasnt overkeen he has just 1 race in the last 59 days
* Shortlistable but not completely convinced

* GOLDEN DESERT is a worrying aged at 7
* That said we had 2 horses winning aged 7
* Both were very well raced that year like him
* Both ran well last time in 7f handicaps like him
* I flagged him up as very interesting last time out
* Go back a year and he was 2nd here in a similar race
* That run would win this and he is 9lbs lower today

SELECTION – GOLDEN DESERT 18/1 Eachway at BoyleSports & William Hill

See full market odds at


Cheltenham Betting Cash Back

I got the following news from BoyleSports yesterday.

It looks like a pretty good deal to me.

For a normal punter it gives you some great insurance against your horse finishing a frustrating second at Cheltemham

Trader and arber mentalities can also build in extra edge.

eg Back at BoyleSports then trade back on Betfair and hope it comes second.

If you don’t have an account with them open one up today I suggest so you arer prepared and ready. For new account openers there is the extra bonus of a £20 free bet.


Every 2nd Counts
If your horse finishes 2nd in any of the following races on Day 1, we will refund all losing bets on that horse:

1.30 Supreme Novices’ Hurdle
2.05 Arkle Challenge Trophy
2.40 Festival Handicap Steeple Chase
3.20 Champion Hurdle

Terms and Conditions
· Max return €300 or £250 per customer per race.
· Refund will be made in cash.
· Applies to win singles or the win part of each way singles only.
· Does not apply to singles as part of multiple bets.
· Applies to all bets placed from time of offer launch (Thursday 17th February).
· This offer does not affect our ante post rules.
· We reserve the right to alter or withdraw the promotion at any time.

Best Price Guaranteed
Not only that but we are also offering Best Price Guaranteed on all UK and Irish Racing including the Cheltenham Festival. Take an early price or board price & if the starting price is greater, we will pay the better price.

Also if you are a new customer you can Get A free £20 Bet !

To take advantage of this visit BoyleSports

Free Laying Tips

Free Laying Tips

- 31 out of 33 succesful lays so far.

- A net profit of 24.5 pts after 33 lays ( At Betfair SP )

- They are free.

Sound of interest?

These laying tips are newish to Dave Renham’s Horse Racing Blog

Whist new to his blog they originate from his analysis of years of past data.

They are actually determined from a small portfolio of independant past profitable approaches.

So there is quite a bit of research work behind them but the exact rules Dave wishes to keep secret for obvious reasons.

Worth Noting !

My early gut reaction to these lay selections is that they might best be viewed as a raw set of selections from which to select your own personal subset to actually place cash on.

The obvious area to bear in mind might be restricting yourself to laying below a certain odds band of your choice.

The odds range of selections is quite varied.

Dave on his thread uses a very simple and I guess the industry standard method of monitoring lay success.

ie a one point stake is deemed to be taken on the betting Exchange. Thus you win one point ( before commission ) on every succesful lay but face varying losses if a horse happens to win.

Considering the range of odds on these free lay selections ponder using a laibility based approach.

With this type of approach your risk remains constant no matter what odds.

What varies is how much you win on successful lays.

ie you adjust the stake posted up on Betfair to give yourself a pre determined liability. With this method you are not so afraid of long priced horses as how long a horses odds are will not impact on how much you can lose on a lay ( just how much you can win )

Value if you rememebr is not just about what odds a selection is at.  More key is the available odds to true odds ratio. A liability based aproach can often help you attack value lays at longer odds.

Anyhow..these free laying tips are worth a look.

Coming from Dave you know they are not random hunch type stuff. Much more so the result of a lot of nose to the grindstone research over many years.

Free is a good price :)

Click Here ==> Free Laying Tips

PunterProfits Christmas Sale

PunterProfits is a great site for thinking punters who appreciate the benefits of having lots of racing research work done for them.

Dave Renham has knocked up a few words below highlighting some of
the key things going on in the full member area now.

PS Note info at the bottom about the Christmas sale


PunterProfits is an on-line betting
community where punters share racing systems, betting ideas, tips, research
and the like. The content is mainly horse racing, but football does get an airing,
as does greyhound racing and other sports.

At first glance the
website may look a little over-whelming, as there is so many options
and places to check out. However, it is fairly straight-forward once
you get your bearings as essentially it is a forum with numerous threads.
The forum is split in different sections – the busiest two are ‘Racing-
Daily Tips’ and ‘Racing – Systems, Ratings’. These two sections
have several threads that are on-going and updated each day. Most members
follow threads that suit their betting style, as well as following the
more profitable ones!

One of the impressive
aspects about the threads on PunterProfits is how often big priced winners
are found. For example:

25/11/2010 – on the
aw pacey
thread Abulharith was tipped up going on to win at 50/1
and paying a massive 88.5 Betfair SP;

28/10/2010 – on the
October trainers
thread Educated Evans was a selection winning at
a huge 66/1 and paying roughly double that Betfair SP at 132.47. This
horse was also flagged up on the NH Trainer Report thread.

9/10/2010 – on the
thread Tres Coronas won at 33/1 and paid a massive 86.49 on
Betfair SP;

8/10/2010 – on the
2 system to trial
thread No Supper won at 33/1 (BSP 49.18)

30/9/2010 – on the

Sam Specials thread Dance and Dance won at 33/1 (BSP 50.0)

28/9/2010 – on the
Draw Biases
thread, a tricast was landed producing a profit of £842.30
thanks to the 2nd and 3rd horses being priced
at 25/1 and 18/1 respectively. The bet was equivalent to a 36/1 winner.

30/7/2010 – on the
Sam Specials
thread Joseph Henry was advised at 40/1 and won (SP
was 28/1 and BSP 46.54).

7/7/2010 – on the
Sam Specials
thread Crown won at 50/1 paying 61.38 BSP.

21/6/2010 – on the Market Bias system

thread there was an incredible double with Blue
Aura winning at 25/1 (BSP 31.61) and half an hour later The Jailer winning
at 66/1 (BSP 94.57).

14/5/2010 – on the
Market Bias system
thread Ginger Ted won at 40/1 paying a huge 107.53
Betfair SP.

Several big priced
winners show that these are not just flashes in the pan. One aspect
of betting that we encourage at PunterProfits is the need to find VALUE.
To make regular profits from betting there is not one single method
that works, but getting value about your selections is key. We emphasise
the need to use early prices and/or Betfair to enhance profits. As you
will see from the Betfair SPs above, there is a huge advantage to using
Betfair SP especially on big priced runners.

Let me now look at
some of the threads in the full member’s area at PunterProfits:

Terrys Lays

This thread has been our most
successful laying thread since it was launched in July 2007. To date profits
stand at £16,456 to £100 per lay; even at just £20 per lay profits stand at
an impressive £3291.20. The method revolves about laying Racing Post forecast
favourites and has made a profit in each of the four years we have been running
it. This year’s profit stands at about £5000 to £100 per lay.

Southwell breeding thread

This thread revolves
around the fact that Southwell favours certain horses that are influenced
in their pedigree by American breeding. This had been running since
January 2010 and after 90 selections profits stand at +33.62pts to SP;
39.89pts to BSP. Hence £20 per selection at BSP would have yielded
a profit of £797.80. Selections occur mainly in the winter months as
this is when the majority of all weather meetings at Southwell take

Sam’s Specials

This thread started
on June 10th 2010 and soon established itself as one of the
threads to follow. Sam looks at a variety of strong statistics each
day from which he makes his selections. By the end of November profits
stood at an impressive +192.74pts to advised prices; +153.16 using Betfair
SP at level stakes. At £20 per selection profits to advised prices
stand at a highly impressive £3854.80. No wonder he has a huge following.
He is not afraid to put up big prices and he started December in the
same vein as previous months with each way selection Ad Vitam finishing
2nd at 80/1.

Daily Selections

This thread is one
for those who like high strike rates. He uses a staking system to aid
profits and at the end of November profits stood at +72.23 points. The
staking plan is a sensible one which increases only small amounts after
a loser. A very consistent thread.

Pacey/AW Pacey/NH

There are three separate
threads run by the same member all based on the idea of pace bias. All
3 are in profit at the end of November 2010. Often horses are decent
prices and this is definitely a thread where it is SO IMPORTANT to beat
SP because although SP profits are excellent at +44.46pts, BSP profits
stand a huge +155.87pts. At £20 this is a difference in profit of £2228.20
– now that is going to make a big difference to most people.

Going Going Gone

This is a relatively
new thread focusing on horses that has shown strong preference for certain
types of going. To the end of November this thread had nailed 8 winners
from 50 for a profit of +21.33 to SP (BSP profit +34.49). Winners have
been a mixture of prices from 5/6 to 25/1. Looks one to keep a close
eye on.

Market Bias system

This has wound up for the year
as it concentrates on the summer months. However, it will be back in May. In
2010 profits stood at +124.75pts; in 2009 profits were +40.18. At £20 per bet
therefore these two summers would have yielded a fantastic profit of £3298.60.
The selections tend to be at the higher end so it is a thread that requires
patience. However, as you may have noted above this thread had a 66/1 winner
and a 25/1 winner on the same day this year.

NH Trainer Report

This thread notes selections
connected with strong trainer trends that were highlighted in the National
Hunt Trainer Report. The National Hunt Trainer Report is a 122 page
report that you receive for free if you join the full member’s area.
This thread had noted numerous winners in the first couple of months
of the season including a 66/1 winner.


As you can hopefully
see, this forum is surely the best in the business. Numerous threads
banging out winners on a consistent basis – and not just short priced
jollies either! Not only that, members are hugely supportive of each
other which is fantastic.

Not only do you get
some fantastic daily tips/bets, you also get much, much more. This includes:

1. Regular betting articles
– over 130 articles are free to view with virtually every topic you
can think of being addressed. For example favourites, sires, the draw,
pace bias, trainer stats, jockeys stats, recent form, betting in running,
placepots; exotic bets, etc, etc;

2. Free System checking
– if anyone has a system they want to check the results, but do not have the
capability, then Punter Profits is happy to have a look and see if we can check
it over past years for you. This could save you a lot of time not to mention
cash if it turns out to be a dud or if course it might quickly confirm you are
on to a winning approach

3. Regular Research Reports
– detailed racing research reports / booklets are collated and given to members
for FREE. Some reports run in to over 100 pages of detail. Topics explored include
Flat Trainers, NH Trainers, Favourites etc. ( you get to keep these big reports
even if you just upgrade for a short time )



We like drinking beer.

If you give us £3 to buy a pint with, we will provide
you with full membership here for three weeks.

A very fair deal considering you get to keep the big research
reports even if you do not wish to remain a member after that.

Step 1 – Register a free account at

Step 2 – Log In

Step 3- Follow the prominent upgrade link once logged in.

Step 4 – Pay your three quid and you you will be upgraded to
full member status

Four Big Prices At Ascot

A few pointers to some big priced horses runnign at Ascot this afternoon from Guy over at


Another good day yesterday as our main bet POLLYS MARK won for full Members  at 5/2.
It looked like he had been caught on the line by a fast finisher but we got the verdict
and I’ll happily take that as we have had big priced horses beaten this year at 1.01 and similar prices in running.
Whilst nobody believes these things even out over a season its nice to get one that did look like getting away from us.
Either a great ride or one nice piece of luck but either way another valuable winner.
Join the Full Service Now and get the full message for today including any official bets.
What you see below is just a small snippet.
Full Message live in our member area now.


On to Today

ASCOT 3.40 Challenge Cup
(Heritage Handicap) (CLASS 2) (3yo+) 7f

13/2 Redford, 10/1 Axiom, Kakatosi, 10/1 Sarasota Sunshine
12/1 Side Glance, 16/1 Rulesn´regulations, 16/1 St Moritz
20/1 Citrus Star, 20/1 Noble Citizen, 20/1 Suruor, 25/1 Acrostic 25/1 Advanced, 25/1 Colepeper,
Gramercy, 25/1 Imperial Guest, 25/1 Navajo Chief, Swift Gift, 25/1 Treadwell, 25/1 Wannabe King
33/1 Castles In The Air, Golden Desert, 33/1 Light From Mars 33/1 Mia´s Boy, 40/1 Gallagher,
Jimmy Styles 40/1 Kyllachy Star 40/1 Lowdown, 50/1 Bonnie Charlie, 50/1 Marajaa.

* This is a 7f handicap for horses rated 0-106
* Ascot has had 18 renewals but 2 were run at other tracks
* There has been 38 Similar races at other tracks
* Horses from 6f races underperformed
* Those with 13 + career starts were 1-78
* Horses aged 4 or 5 from 6f races were 0-49
* No horse aged 7 or more came from 6f
* Horses beaten 4 + lengths over 6f last time were 0-47
* Those from 6f absent a Month won nothing
* The following horses from 6f races are all rejected
* REDFORD is exposed and won a 6f handicap last time
* No past winner of this race was like him
* There was 1 similar winner in the 38 other races
* That horse didnt have a penalty and he is opposable
* In 38 races horses aged 7 or more were just 1-50
* MARAJAA looks too old
* Horses absent 7 + weeks were 2-81 in the 38 races
* Those with 13 or more career starts were 0-36
* Those aged 5 or more with that absence were 0-23
* Horses from 3yo handicaps were 2-45
* Those that came from 7f or shorter were 0-29
* Those absent more than a Month were 0-24
* Those that won 3yo handicaps last time were 0-10
* NAVAJO CHIEF – KAKATOSI are opposed on those angles
* You dont want a 3 year old that ran in Group class before
* In 38 similar races these horses are 0-71
* TREADWELL fails that
* Horses from 8f races won 9 of the 38 races
* Those absent more than a Month were 0-43
* ST MORITZ fails that
* ACROSTIC fails that
* SIDE GLANCE fails that
* Horses from 8f races won 9 of the 38 races
* Those without a run in 2 weeks were 3-94
* None of these were aged 5 or more like ACROSTIC
* In 38 similar races Fillies have a 1-55 record
* None were aged 4 + (0-26) or had 7 + runs (0-44)
* I looked at 4 year olds with 13 + career starts
* Those with 1-2-3-4-5 runs that year were 1-24
* WANNABE KING fails that and isnt like that 1 winner
* That winner had more backclass than he does
* The same is said for SURUOR
* He is a similar type and unlike any winners
* KYLLACHY STAR is an exposed 4 year old
* He comes from a 7f handicap within 2 weeks
* There were winners like that but all came from better races
* Males aged 4 absent over a Month were 1-40
* RULESN´REGULATIONS fails that and looks unsafe
* AXIOM won a 7f handicap last time
* Horses doing that had a 2-32 record
* None were absent more than 2 weeks (0-18)
* There was 1 exposed horse doing like him
* He had a more recent run less weight and more runs that year
* AXIOM has problems I dont think he will overcome
* Horses aged 3 with 5 + career starts were 7-140
* Those with 1-2-3-4-5-6 runs that year were just 1-83
* Those that didnt run within 7 days were 0-82
* CITRUS STAR fails that and is opposed
* SWIFT GIFT is a 5 year old absent 42 days
* No winners like that won with his absence
* SWIFT GIFT is vulnerable with that absence



* COLEPEPER is 3 and comes from 8f
* 3 year olds doing that with 9 + runs were 2-24
* Those beaten under 6 lengths last time were 2-12
* I would not rule him out at a big price
* LIGHT FROM MARS is an exposed 5yo
* He comes from a 7f handicap and has no Group form
* Horses like that running within 4 weeks were 4-22
* Those with 8 + runs this year beaten under 10 lengths last time
* This improved his record to 4-14
* The 1992 and 2001 winners of this race had that profile
* IMPERIAL GUEST  is an exposed 4 year old
* He comes from a 7f handicap within 2 weeks
* Horses with that profile had a 2-5 record in 38 races
* The 2002-2003 winners had the same profile
* GALLAGHER is 4 and has 13 + career starts
* He comes from a 7f handicap in the last fortnight
* Horses with that profile with 7 + runs this season are 4-23
* Those beaten less than 6 lengths last time are 4-17
* The 2002-2003 winners had the same profile
* The 2002 winner even came from the same Handicap as him



My shortlist has thrown up 4 rank outsiders.
Don’t know if thats a ridiculous fluke or what’s happened there !!
If there is one selection then GALLAGHER  at 40/1 interests me as the best option
but at these prices I’d be an idiot not to have some small bets on all 4.
I have decided on a pretty low stake that I’m prepared to lose in a race as vile
as this and I’ve had small bets on all 4 of these runners on Betfair at prices that
are far bigger than they should be.
I doubt I will get the winner but the angles steer me this way and at these prices its not too
hard to trust them and have 4 small value bets at massive prices.

Betfair is probably your best bet if betting long odds horses on the nose.

The link below gives best bookie odds however.

best wishes