Stats For Lingfield


Race type Wins Bets SR (%) Profit ROI (%) Race Times
3yo+ maidens 88 220 40.0 +£1.44 +0.7 2.20, 4.00
3yo+/4yo+ handicaps 427 1665 25.7 -£74.70 -4.5 1.20, 2.55,

3.25, 4.30

FAVOURITE STATS – this is a section looking at the stats for favourites certain race types. These race types occur less often so the course favourite stats for such races would have fairly small samples – hence they have been grouped together to give you an overview.

Race type Wins Bets SR Profit ROI Race Times
3yo+/4yo+ sellers 321 1018 31.5 +£29.07 +2.9 Ling 1.50

DRAW SECTION – the stats are collated from studying 10+ runner handicaps. Each race is split into three – a top third of the draw, a middle third of the draw and a bottom third of the draw.

Course & distance (time) Bottom third win % Middle third win% Top third win%
Lingfield aw 7f (1.20) 32 37 32
Lingfield aw 6f (2.55) 35 37 29
Lingfield aw 1m (4.30) 30 32 38

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