Cambridgeshire Ten Year Trends

Cambridgeshire Ten Year Trends

Racing research boffin Dave Renham over at

has just sent out some interesting free research on this weekend’s

Cambridgeshire at Newmarket.

I have copied it here for you.


Cambridgeshire (3yo+)


Course – Newmarket
Distance – 1 mile 1 furlong
Date – September 28th
Average field size last 10 years – 32
Market Trends
Favourites (inc. joints): 2 wins from 12 for a break even situation.
Top three in betting: 4 wins for the top three in the betting.
Top six in betting: 6 wins for the top six in the betting.
Price: Horses priced 14/1 or bigger have provided 6 of the last 10 winners.
LTO stats
Days since last run: 6 of the last 10 winners had been off the track for 16 days or less.
Position LTO: 1 win for horses that won LTO (from 54 runners). 
Position LTO: 4 wins for horses that finished in the first three LTO from 123 runners.
LTO favourites: 2 wins for horses that were favourite LTO (from 55 runners).
LTO Top three in betting: 3 wins for horses from the top three in the betting LTO (from 143 runners).
LTO price: Horses priced 9/1 to 20/1 LTO have provided 7 of the last 10 winners.
LTO race type: Horses that ran in a non handicap LTO have provided 0 winners from 71.
LTO course: Horses that raced at Newbury LTOhave provided 5 wins from 58. 
Official ratings (OR)
OR band
93 and below
100 and above
Other countries
Class change
Class change
Down in class
Same class
Up in class
Trainer stats
Trainers: 2 wins from 8 for John Gosden.
General stats
Headgear (visor, cheekpieces, blinkers, etc): 2 wins from 56.
Claiming jockeys: 2 wins from 49.
Recent win: 7 of the last 10 winners had won at least once in their last three starts from 149 runners. Backing all qualifiers would have produced a profit of £25.00 (ROI +16.8%).
Handicap wins: Horses that had not won a handicap previously have provided 0 winners 53.
Course winners: Horses that have previously won at the course have provided just 1 winner from 55.
Conclusion – A race that averages 32 runners is going to be tough to unravel and whatever happens the trends can only be used to create a shortlist of candidates. A good starting point looks to be ignoring runners that raced in a non handicap LTO. They have had 0 winners in the last 10 years and they have made up 22% of the total runners. It also looks worth avoiding horses that have failed to win a handicap as well. From a positive perspective, horses that were priced between 9/1 and 20/1 LTO have a good record. They have provided 70% of the winners from only 37% of the total runners. There seems no significant age bias although 7yos+ are probably worth avoiding (0 wins and only 3 placed runners from 36). There has been little too in the draw.  

Best Wishes

Racing Tip For Kempton

Our old fried Guy Ward aka The Mathematician
is back with us again with his insight on one of
this afternoons races at Kempton.

One thing I know Guy is pround about is the fact that
he has clients who have been with him not for months
but for years and years and years.

This is almost unheard of in the racing tipster world.

If at all interested in his service proper contact
me here at sports-betting-blog and I will see if I can
wrangle a bit of an introducty discount of deal for you.

Over to Guy for today’s horse racing tip


Lingfield has been abandoned but I suppose it
is a bonus that Kempton has survived. That is
the only English card today. For paying clients
I have previewed the first six races there only
leaving the finale alone a race that looks a bit
too dangerous.
Read the rest of this entry

Cheltenham Ten Year Trends

One of the many componants that makes up Dave Renham’s excellent RacingTrends service are his Big Race Trends reports.
Typically these cover several of the major races each Saturday but he also provides them for major meetings and festivals.
These are in addition to his normal daily high detail racing stats reports.
In short these big race trends reports examine individual races in detail in order to try and identify any key elements of form that will gives us clues as to value or likely winners in today’s races.
Today Dave has looked at several races at Cheltenham from a ten year trends approach.
1.55 Cheltenham – Albert Bartlett Novices Hurdle (registered as the Bristol Hurdle) – 3m (Grade 2)
Favourites (inc. joints): There have been 8 winning favourites (including joints) from 13 for a profit of £7.71 (ROI +59.3%).
Position LTO: 9 of the last 10 winners finished 1st or 2nd LTO.
Price: 9 of the last 10 winners have been priced 4/1 or shorter.
Days off track: 7 of the last 10 winners had been off the track for between 20 and 27 days.
Price LTO: 8 of the last 10 winners were priced 4/1 or shorter LTO (all 10 winners were 15/2 or shorter LTO).
LTO Favourites: Horses that started favourite LTO have provided 6 winners from 26 runners for a profit of £6.63 (ROI +25.5%).
LTO course: Horses that raced at Cheltenham last time out have a good record with 5 of the 15 qualifiers going onto win this race.
Trainers: 2 wins from 4 for Alan King.
Jockets: 3 wins from 5 for Tony Mc Coy.
Race type LTO: Horses that raced in a handicap LTO have a poor record with 0 wins from 14.
Age: 4 years olds have won 2 races from 7 qualifiers (SR 28.6%),5 year olds have won 3 races from 33 qualifiers (SR 9.1%); 6 year olds have won 4 races from 19 qualifiers (SR 21.1%); 7 year olds and older have won 1 race from 14 qualifiers (SR 7.1%).
Trends analysis: A race where the positive trends are key. Favourites have an excellent record and hence it is not surprising to see horses that finished 1st or 2nd LTO doing well also. Horses that ran at Cheltenham LTO should be respected and also look for horses that were fancied LTO – LTO favourites have done especially well. In terms of fitness, horses off the track for between 20 and 27 days have done especially well.
3.05 Cheltenham – International Hurdle – 2 miles 1f (Grade 2)
Favourites (inc. joints): There have been 7 winning favourites (including joints) from 12 for a profit of £5.69 (ROI +47.4%).
Position LTO: All of the last 10 winners finished in the first three LTO. 7 won LTO.
Recent wins: All of the last 10 winners had won at least once in their last four starts.
LTO course: Horses that raced at Cheltenham last time out have a good record producing 6 winners from 20 for a profit of £33.80 (+169%).
LTO race type: Horses that ran in a handicap LTO have provided 6 winners from 24 for a profit of £23.80 (ROI +99.2%).
Days since last run: All of the last 10 winners have run within the past 28 days.
Trainers: 3 wins from 7 for Philip Hobbs; 2 wins from 7 for Nicky Henderson.
Breeding: Irish bred horses have managed just 2 wins from 30 for a loss of £23.75 (ROI -79.2%).
Beaten distance LTO: Horses that were beaten by more than 10 lengths LTO have provided 0 winners from 17.
Position LTO: Horses that finished 4th or worse last time out have produced 0 winners from 21 qualifiers.
Age: 4 years olds have won 3 races from 17 qualifiers (SR 17.7%),5 year olds have won 3 races from 18 qualifiers (SR 16.7 %); 6 year olds have won 1 race from 9 qualifiers (SR 11.1%); 7 year olds have won 2 races from 13 qualifiers (SR 15.4%); 8 year olds and older have won 1 race from 16 qualifiers (SR 6.3%).
Trends analysis: once again there are plenty of positive stats. A run in the past 4 weeks has been crucial as has a position LTO in the top three (with a strong preference for LTO winners. Horses that ran at Cheltenham last time out have a very good record and this is a clear plus, while a run in a handicap LTO has also been a positive. From a negative perspective, horses beaten by 10 or more lengths LTO look worth avoiding, while Irish bred runners have generally struggled.
3.40 Cheltenham – Relkeel hurdle – 2 miles 4f 110yds (Grade 2)
Market: 9 of the last 10 winners came from the top three in the betting.
Price: All of the last 10 winners were priced 9/1 or shorter.
Position LTO: Horses that finished first or second LTO have provided 6 of the last 10 winners for a break even situation.
Course LTO: All of last 10 winners raced at a Grade 1 track LTO.
Breeding: 6 of the last 10 winners were French bred.
Running style: 9 of the last 10 winners raced up with or close to the pace.
Previous Cheltenham run: 9 of the last 10 winners had all had experience of Cheltenham.
Trainers: 3 wins from 6 for Alan King.
Upped in class: Horses that were upped in class from their most recent run have a moderate record with 3 wins from 29.
Favourites (inc. joints): There have been 4 winning favourites (including joints) from 11 for a loss of £3.00.
Age: 4 year olds have won 4 races from 19 qualifiers (SR 21.1%); 5 year olds have won 2 races from 17 qualifiers (SR 11.8%); 6 year olds have won 2 races from 17 qualifiers (SR 11.8%); 7 year olds have won 2 races from 11 qualifiers (SR 18.2%).
Trends analysis: The market has been a good guide in this race with the top three in the betting producing 90% of the winners. French breds have done well while a run at a Grade 1 track LTO has been of paramount importance. Trainer Alan King has done very well with 3 wins, while for in running punters hold up horses have performed poorly. In terms of age 4yos may have a slight edge but it is a little unclear.


Aintree Horse Betting Advice

A free horse betting tip for Aintree this week from Guy over at the mathematician betting website.

To visit Guy’s site click here ==> Horse Racing Tips



Looks another classy Saturday and fascinating racing again and I have covered
something from every track this afternoon for the full member message.
The flat is closing down now and much of this is rubbish but there are
still some really intersting races. The National Hunt cards are getting better all the time.
It’s as least as good as the flat today and they
contribute a lot to the 16 Saturday previews but the problem yet again is the
best racing is saved for Saturday and there is simply not enough time to do it all justice.

I am having one full bet for full members today in the 2.30 at Doncaster.
Here on the free blog I am posting up one from slightly further down the full member message.
It almost made full bet status but not quite.

Aintree   1.50

For latest live odss see here

Not ready yet for big field Aintree Handicap Hurdles.
I did notice from 7 past renewals that horses that came from Novice races were 0-16
so I would raise a question mark about favourite CAPE EXPRESS as well as KARTANIAN as well.
I want to oppose these. There are several that have acceptable profiles.
AGENT ARCHIE and NAMPOUR look threatsbut I was drawn to EMPIRE LEVANT first time out.
He had no chance at last years festival over 2m 5f as he doesnt stay.
He wants to race over 18f or less on good ground and on a flat track
and these are his conditions and I think he is a far better bet than the favourite here.


EMPIRE LEVANT 4/1 ( best odds guaranteed )  at stan james



Horse Racing Tip For Sandown

Another free Saturday horse racing tip from our old friend Guy Ward aka The Maethematician.

Visit Guy’s site at this link

==> Horse Racing Tipster


Sandown 5.35

For Latest Live Odds See

* This is a 10f Handicap for 0-80 rated horses
* Lets start with the Draw and 15 similar races since 2001
* 13 of the 15 winners were drawn 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8
* Horses drawn in Stalls 1-8 have a 13-120 record
* Horses drawn in Stalls 9-16 have a 2-64 record
* Being drawn Under 9 gives you a far better chance
* No winners were drawn 14 or more
* CAPE EXPLORER – His profile is just about acceptable
* Wasnt enough for me to ignore Stall 15 though
* TALK OF THE NORTH – Unsafe profile and draw
* ICEBUSTER is out with a run this season
* SIM SALA BIM – Not right first time out
* HOT SPICE is underraced this year
* HIP HIP HOORAY looks worth opposing
* First of all she isnt well drawn
* Shes a mare winning an 8f race last time
* No Female horse did that older than 3 and she is 6
* Without a recent race she leaves me cold
* POETIC LORD has problems from 7f
* He is a bit too exposed to be doing that
* Every winner aged 8 + had at least Class 2 form
* EAGLE NEBULA only has Class 4 form and is out
* QUIXOTE 3 and drops from 12f
* He’s a bit exposed doing that and has limited backclass
* I needed far fewer runs or more backclass to match him
* BRIGADOON is 5 and won last time
* I needed more backclass and runs this year

Acceptable Profiles

* KNOW NO FEAR scrapes through but isnt for me
* Huge doubt whether he will stay this far up the hill

* HIGHLAND DUKE – Acceptable profile but no more
* He should improve but he needs to

* MIZBAH is 3 and drops from 12f
* Almost all 3yo’s doing that had under 13 runs he has 14
* There was 1 winner reasonably close to him
* MIZBAH – Not a strong profile but enough to shortlist

* HURAKAN – Definate chance statistically
* Not keen a 7lbs claimer rides though

S e l e c t i o n

* NELSON4S BAY has a very strong profile
* NELSON4S BAY is 3 and comes up in distance from 8f
* Looked at similar types with Class 2 form and 5-8 runs
* Those with 1-5 runs this year and not beaten too far
* Similar horses had a strong 4-11 record
* Those with 9st or more were 4-8
* NELSON4S BAY stands out amongst these

7/1 each way at Ladbrokes – blue square




Goodwood Racing Tip

A free racing tip for Goodwood from our old friend Guy aka The Mathematician

to visit Guy’s site click here ==>  Horse Racing Tipster

G o o d w o o d   2.40

For live market odds see
I had this 14f handicap pencilled in early as race that may well have provided a bet.
I like FRANCISCAN 8/1 Each Way.
Not really a statistical choice but this is a progressive horse from a stable with a great record in the race.
He dissapointed last time but hated very soft ground.
That last run is why is isnt perfect statistically but I want to overlook that.
Had there been faster ground at Goodwood I’d be making him a stronger bet.
Happy for a smaller bet though but I have shortlisted a few too many.

* This is a 14f Class 2 Handicap for all aged horses
* Goodwood has had 15 renewals of this race

Last year we had a Stat buster win. That was PETARA BAY
who was older than any past winner and more exposed as well.
I am going to ignore that as I see last years winner as a fluke.
There was a fancied horse that was Killed in the race and two
other strongly fancied horses were knocked over and lost all chance.
It was a very rough race and I think thats helped the Stat buster win
and he only did that in a photo.
Therefore I’m going to stay with the standard trends which are quite strong.

* These races usually go to younger unexposed horses
* Horses aged 6 or more only won last years race
* Horses aged 3-4-5 dominate this contest
* No exposed horse has ever won this race (All 60 lost)
* They struggle in similar races and none were beaten far lto
* Horses aged 4 need a good recent run
* Those beaten more than 10 lengths last time out are 0-66
* Horses that came from 14f races mysteriously struggle
* Many came from 12f or from 2m races
* None though ran over this 14f distance last time out
* Horses doing that were 0-52
* I suspect that is because improvement is found at the trip
* ROXY FLYER – Rejected as mare with 1 run this season
* PETARA BAY is underraced and exposed aged 8
* THE BETCHWORTH KID is underraced and exposed aged 7
* MOTIVADO – Needs another run this year for me
* HARLESTONE TIMES also wants another race
* SPICE FAIR is wrong exposed and out of form
* SOLAR SKY -  94 day absence hurts him
* LIFE AND SOUL is exposed and I am wary
* Career high mark and he comes from 14f a bad sign
* SHUBAAT – His absence is longer than any past winner
* Didnt do enough last time to interest me
* LATE TELEGRAPH – 1997 winner was similar
* He was a 4yo from a 2m race with 5-6 runs
* That horse won last time and had 5 runs that year
* LATE TELEGRAPH lost easily and has just 3 runs


* VASILY is hard to read
* She is also 4 from a 12f race and has 4 runs this year
* Profile fine other than none like him won last time out
* Throw in a Months absence after a win and he is unsafe

* VERY GOOD DAY – Neutral profile
* He’s 5 and won a 2m race last time
* No 5yo won last time but none have tried to do it
* No horse has had a close enough profile to compare

* A BOY NAMED SUZI is 4 and comes from 12f
* He has Class 2 form and 3 runs that season
* The 2009 was very similar so he’s shortlisted

* FRANCISCAN is 4 from 12f with 3 runs this year
* He has a similar profile as well
* On the negtaive side he lost by too far last time
* On the positive side he hated the ground last time
* His trainer also has a brilliant record in it
* Look at Luca Cumani’s  7 runners in this race
* They finished W 2 14 W 2 W 2

Cumani was bullish about FRANCISCAN at Haydock last time
and said he was very progressive.
He also warned about him on soft ground and said that wasnt sure to suit.
This wont be as bad as Haydock and I think he can return to form and win this.

S e l e c t i o n

at William HillBet365 – stanjames


Penalty Carriers in Uk Horse Racing

Horse Racing Penalty Carriers

In uk horse racing terms “a penalty” is extra weight
a horse must carry.

Normally it is applied if a horse has a second race
a few days after a win.

The official handicapper may not have had time to
reassess the horses official handicap mark
and due to the lack of time simply forces the horse
to carry penalty weight next time out.

It is I guess a system intended to stop
horses winning several times in very quick succession
from an over lenient handicap mark before the handicapper
has a chance to do his calculations and re assess the official handicap mark.

Penalty carries however have two obvious things going for them.
Having just won a  race they are obviously

- in good form

- have proven ability.

You can’t just back them all blindly and expect to make a profit however.
But with a bit of research you can certainly find past profitable niches
within penalty carriers.

See the article below for further reading.

Penalty Carriers


Sandown Free Horse Racing Tip

Our regular Saturday free horse racing tip from Guy at the Mathematician site.


I do have a firm bet for full members today which runs in the 5.20 at Beverly

Member access in immediate if you join up at

If the above is my gold bet for today on the free blog here I am providing my next best.

Sandown   2.00

For Latest Live Odds See

* This is a Group 3 over 5f for all aged horses
* Horss that came from handicaps underperformed
* Very few won and those that did were certain types
* ELUSIVITY isnt safe aged 4 from a handicap
* I also think he has the worst of the draw
* HUMIDOR comes from a handicap
* Not keen on him as an older horse absent 135 days
* MEDICEAN MAN comes from a 6f handicap
* No winners did that aged 6 or more
* No winners did that when exposed either
* TRIPLE ASPECT fails the same angles
* CALEDONIA LADY is a 3yo filly
* The 3 winning fillies aged 3 of similar races had 4 4 7 runs
* CALEDONIA LADY has 17 and may be too exposed
* DUCHESS DORA is an exposed mare from 5f
* The only similar winners had far more runs that season
* NIGHT CARNATION won this last year asa 3yo filly
* Now as a 4yo filly we have two winners like her
* Both however dropped from 6f races
* NIGHT CARNATION doesnt and isnt an exact match
* DINKUM DIAMOND looks underraced this year
* He looks short of class for a race like this
* CONFESSIONAL lost by 34 lengths just 7 days ago
* I cant find a winner overcoming such a defeat so recently
* ELNAWIN comes from 6f with 2 runs that season
* Both winners doing that were younger than him
* They both had under 13 runs as well
* ELNAWIN has 20 runs and may need another this season
* Or another race but Richard Hughes is bullish about him
* FREE ZONE is a 3yo with 13 runs
* He has never raced in Group Class before
* I looked at all 3 year olds without any Group form
* There were 3 winners aged 3 like that
* Those that had under 7 runs were 3-16
* Those that had 7 + runs were 0-20
* They were all lightly raced with 4-5-6 runs
* FREE ZONE has 13 and doesnt fit that well
* I’m saying after 13 runs he should have Group class form

S h o r t l i s t

* JUDGE 4N JURY is an 8yo
* None have won this race as old as he is
* I found 2 similar races won by 8yo’s elsewhere
* Because of that I cant rule him out
* I’d rather have seen an 8yo win this race though
* His recent run is a strong help
* So to is excellent track form as well

* SPIRIT QUARTZ is hard to read
* 9 of his 15 career starts were in Italy
* I have no problem with his general profile though
* He has shown the required Class
* SPIRIT QUARTZ is a big runner


JUDGE 4N JURY 7/1 Win Bet  BoyleSports – blue square – stan james
SPIRIT QUARTZ 5/1 Saver Bet   William Hill – stan james – BetfredBet365

( saver bet just a bet staked to win back stake on main bet if saver wins )


A Poor Saturday

Our usual free horse racing tip on a Saturday from Guy at


There is an Intolerable ammount of Racing today and
on days like this I never finish the messages the clock
finishes me. I could have stretched two extra messages
from the races I havent had a chance to look at. There
are two pieces in the Racing Post about how the racing
is particularly difficult today as it’s dominated by large
field handicaps. Unusual for them to acknowledge it but
it’s true. It is Intolerable and any bets and races finished
will be down to a lot of luck. Might be a frustrating and
a bit untidy today. I fear for anyone betting through it all
and rain and non runners make it more dangerous.

I have no firm properly staked advised bet today
for clients or for free blog readers.
You don’t come out ahead in the long run betting
hard when conditions do not suit.

Need something however today..well ponder the below

D o n c a s t e r   2.05

9/4 Mawasem, 9/2 Grey Mirage, 6/1 Warfare, 8/1 Assizes
10/1 Gold City, 10/1 Shamaal Nibras, 10/1 Well Painted
12/1 Chapter Seven, 14/1 Mister Music, 16/1 Kickingthelilly.

* This is a Class 2  3yo handicap over 8f
* These races are rare and a tiny sample size
* WELL PAINTED – Dont like him from 7f maiden
* Not with just the single run
* GOLD CITY – All seasonal debutants were lighter raced
* KICKINGTHELILLY is too exposed
* MISTER MUSIC – Surely beaten too far 7 days ago
* The above horses are ones I’d avoid
* ASSIZES – Unsafe well beaten on seasonal debut
* SHAMAAL NIBRAS – Not convinced and bad draw


* GREY MIRAGE – An option but don’t like the absence
* MAWASEM – I dont like the record of 3yo maidens much
* None have won with just 2 runs or from 7f races
* He has to be a positive but I cant match him to a winner
* WARFARE – I can forgive him a defeat at York
* CHAPTER SEVEN – Better than he showed last time
* Comes from a hot race where he never had a good position
* Nothing went right and hampered and eased once beaten
* CHAPTER SEVEN could run better than expected


CHAPTER SEVEN 12/1 Each  Way
at Betfred Bet365 Coral PaddyPower

Horse Betting On Derby Day

Our usual free Saturday Horse Racing Tip from Guy over at the Mathematician Betting wesite.

To visit his site click here==>  Horse Betting


It’s Derby Day and whilst the big race is a poor shadow of
the race it used to be we have 7 meetings today and simply
a Tsunani of Racing deliberately designed to trip us up. No
chance of covering it all. Just doing what I can where I can.

I have ended up in a lot of quality handicaps in my profiles for full members today. Several lower class races have had to be ignored with so much of it. The Catterick and Beverley cards don’t get much coverage and given time limitations it’s the Classier races that dominate.

The profit built up this year is looking healthy and there’s no long term issues at all. Still aiming for a record breaking season.
It’s in the Short term we could do with a winner and to do that will probably
mean having to sort out a difficult Class 2 Handicap today which is dangerous
and intimidating and I think I have three options today worth considering.

My favoured two options today I have kept for full members as firm advised tips.
Available in the member right now if you care to join up.

Third in my pecking order today is below for you.

Epsom 4.50

5/1 King4s Warrior, 11/2 Communicator
7/1 Spanish Duke, 8/1 A Boy Named Suzi, 8/1 Quiz Mistress
9/1 Fiery Lad, 11/1 Crassula, 12/1 Incendo, 12/1 O Ma Lad
14/1 Oceanway, 16/1 Seaside Sizzler, 20/1 Layline
20/1 Lyssio, 20/1 Mezzanisi, 40/1 Toughness Danon.

This is quite a nasty 12f handicap. It is a Class 2 race and it is a long way
from the comfort zone. I had a proper look at the Draw. Its complicated.
I wouldn’t rule any out but I think the best place to be is Stalls 3-12 and its
the very low or the very high stalls that may suffer. KING4S WARRIOR
doesnt interest me. His draw wont help him but he’s 5 and he comes from a
10f race with 1-2 runs this season. No 5 year old did that when unexposed
and I felt he was generally unsafe. Not keen on QUIZ MISTRESS as a filly
with just one run so far this season. She wont find it easy to win again with
just one run. OCEANWAY is another 4yo filly and I didnt see much in her
profile I liked up in distance. I hate LAYLINE’s break of 70 days.
I don’t want INCENDO as an exposed debutant.
Horses going from Class 5 to Class 2 races like O MA LAD
are more often that not outclassed. SEASIDE SIZZLER and
A BOY NAMED SUZI are seasonal debutants. Neither have
terrible profiles and debutants can and do win. I just dont see a good enough
reason to bet either and feel there are some more likely winners.
FIERY LAD looks a bit too risky after such a hammering last time out.

* SPANISH DUKE – I can see why he may want another run
* I can find a winner like him though so he is respected
* COMMUNICATOR – Comfortably the best profile

* Male horses aged 4
* One race this season
* Absent more than a Month
* Between 7-12 career starts
* Coming from a 12f Handicap
* Horses with this profile were 3-4 finishing W W 7 W
* COMMUNICATOR Has this profile


4/1 Betfred – blue square – Betfair

The Derby – Epsom 4.00

Not a race I am playing in myself.

My quick views for what they are worth.

The Derby is a shadow of its former self and sadly one
that has deteriorated as a spectacle. I think CAMELOT
will probably win. I have never been sold on BONFIRE
and don’t see enough about him to oppose this favourite.
I don’t like MAIN SEQUENCE having already raced at
12f last time. ASTROLOGY could run well and may be
the danger but I personally wouldn’t oppose CAMELOT
to win it.