Causing a stir right now over in the PunterProfits horse racing forum is a tipping thread making some crazy profits. The results after 56 days of live testing in front of members there are as follows


SP = 128.47 pts

BFSP (5% commision) = 268.54 pts

These are to level stakes may I stress !

The thread is Titled:  Simple Techniques – Well Handicapped Horses

I think there is a  bit of a clue as to the core methodology in the name:)

It is just one of several very  profitable threads in the full member forums at It is a spot where many good racing brains gather and this is reflected in the depth and quality of profitable member tipping threads there.

Want  Free Trial?

If you have yet to benefit from the full member forums at PunterProfits and fancy a months free trial to test it for yourself do  the following.

#1 Register a user name for their forums.

Nb no need for step #1 if you already have a free user account at punterprofits

#2 Email the webmaster address there see and tell them you saw the free trial offer on Sports Betting Blog and would like to pay £0 for your first month of full membership. You will then be given a monthly subs join option with first month set to a big fat zero.

Go do it now if at all interested.

Here is the link


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