News this week of a new FREE software tool.
I have seen it plugged in a few places already
but if you missed it here is the link

<== Free Racing Software  ==>

What it does is follow key daily racing info
and alert you in real time as to any important changes
such as non runners and jockey changes.

If out of the blue some tin pot jockey gets replaced
by Kieran Fallon you would want to know about
that ASAP would you not?

Such news is market shifting data that will impact
what you back or lay.
Trader types especially will benefit from knowing news fast.

Any Catches?

Well this software is can take it an run.
You must register an email address to get it however.

Also the makers intend it as a demo of their skill at making
good racing software.
They have a new paid for racing bot they will of course
want to tell you about.

All fair enough I feel seeing as you get to keep the
free software.

Here is the link

<== Free Racing Software  ==>

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