If you have any interest in horse racing at all I am sure at some point you have opened up the Racing Post Newspaper and noted their ratings for each horse on their printed race cards.

These ratings also go by the name of PostMark

Quite simply they are score based on past form of the horse and are meant to give some indication of the best horses in the race.

All fine and dandy but one thing I have never seen printed in the racing post is any information as to whether these ratings are any good or not.

eg If you backed all the top postmark rated horses would you make cash or lose it?

Fortunately I know a man who has crunched the numbers and done the research to give you the answer to that one.

He has also gone a step further and broken the research down  further including aspects such as looking for top rated runners that are quick returners to the track and also the effect of market position ( fav, 2nd fav etc )

Go to the page below and about half way down the page you will see a section about the racing post ratings research.

Click here ==>    Racing Post Ratings Research

NB this is FREE

There are however bits of more detailed research you can choose to pay for if you like.

For example he has worked out a few past profitable systems based on racing post postmark ratings.

You get access to these and everything else that is full member only there if you register then upgrade your membership for £25.