Free Laying Tips

- 31 out of 33 succesful lays so far.

- A net profit of 24.5 pts after 33 lays ( At Betfair SP )

- They are free.

Sound of interest?

These laying tips are newish to Dave Renham’s Horse Racing Blog

Whist new to his blog they originate from his analysis of years of past data.

They are actually determined from a small portfolio of independant past profitable approaches.

So there is quite a bit of research work behind them but the exact rules Dave wishes to keep secret for obvious reasons.

Worth Noting !

My early gut reaction to these lay selections is that they might best be viewed as a raw set of selections from which to select your own personal subset to actually place cash on.

The obvious area to bear in mind might be restricting yourself to laying below a certain odds band of your choice.

The odds range of selections is quite varied.

Dave on his thread uses a very simple and I guess the industry standard method of monitoring lay success.

ie a one point stake is deemed to be taken on the betting Exchange. Thus you win one point ( before commission ) on every succesful lay but face varying losses if a horse happens to win.

Considering the range of odds on these free lay selections ponder using a laibility based approach.

With this type of approach your risk remains constant no matter what odds.

What varies is how much you win on successful lays.

ie you adjust the stake posted up on Betfair to give yourself a pre determined liability. With this method you are not so afraid of long priced horses as how long a horses odds are will not impact on how much you can lose on a lay ( just how much you can win )

Value if you rememebr is not just about what odds a selection is at.  More key is the available odds to true odds ratio. A liability based aproach can often help you attack value lays at longer odds.

Anyhow..these free laying tips are worth a look.

Coming from Dave you know they are not random hunch type stuff. Much more so the result of a lot of nose to the grindstone research over many years.

Free is a good price :)

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