The Market Bias Racing System is one from the betting think tank over at

It is an approach currently being monitored on the full member forums over there.  Its early days in the testing but it is doing well so far with a decent level stakes profit.

The general concept of is was to use historical research to indentify race situations where the outsider / long shots had a better than anticipated strike rate.

Forecast odds price bands are used to group horses into groups of fancied, middled odds & Outsiders. ( hence the Market Bias name tag )

There is also a filter based on horse age as this proved important in the historical research.

And remember the choice of race type / course etc is based on historical research.

So quite simply the system tells you..

1 -this particular race falls into a long term past profitable category for outsiders.

2 – the horse falls into the desired age band. ( its not too inexperienced or to past it )

3 – these are the horses today from that race that fit the price band.

Most often there may be two or so per race.

Overall its an interesting approach.

I think the ideal place to back these horses is Betfair.

Betfairs 20% better than SP big public quote is a bit misleading.

The reality is that short odds horses there go off very close to SP.

Long shots however on Betfair very often pay out well in excess of 20% above SP ( or any early bookmaker price )

Any how the selections for today are as follows

4.25 hayd
Atlantic Beach
Flying Applause
Jack Rackham

5.00 hay
Supermassive Muse

Nb there is quite a bit going on over at

There are research articles, research reports, historic data downloads on certain areas. Also monitored systems by the site organisers and by clients alike. ( the research provided is a great starting point for anyone seeking to create their own educated systems )

Any reader of sports betting blog is welcome to test the site out with a one month free trial. ( you will have to stick card details in as they do not want anomononous nobodies with a throw away email address in their private forums )

Your first month will be free however. Its a good way to judge if suitable for your self.

See their contact page and email the admin email address quoting the free trial for sports betting blog viewers and you will get free trial join instructions sent back to you.

To go to their site now  click here ==> Horse Racing Systems