A few pointers for Saturday’s horse racing from Dave over at www.RacingTrends.co.uk

Dave bases this info on his research of many years historic racing.

Strong Hint: The last time out winners to avoid have been pretty arrurate in the past providing good returns for layers.

My own logic would say that a horse that won last time out tends to get a lot of unthinking support just because it won last time. Many mug punters will blindly back it for that reason alone ignoring factors such as has it been upped in class or is it running on suitable ground or distance.

The last time out winners to avoid below are gleaned by Dave’s examination into such horses. He has identified several key factors that indicate when a LTO winner is SIGNIFICANTLY NOT a good bet.

In technical betting terms the rough overall logic in laying these is that the one the face of it attractive win last time out is widely reported and noted by punters all across the land. This often causes some over betting of such horses. You can get a bit of long term value by selectively opposing them.


Saturday 3rd July


1.55, 3.35, 4.45 Leicester

2.35 Sandown

5.35 Beverley

6.40 Nottingham

7.25, 8.55 Carlisle

LAST TIME OUT WINNERS TO AVOIDthese LTO have poor stats and are unlikely to follow up their recent win

3.25    Haydock – Hillview Boy

4.10    Leicester – Indian Skipper

4.50    Sandown – Mass Rally

5.20    Leicester – Bidable

6. 55   Carlisle – Feeling Fresh