Horse Betting Analyst

Horse Betting Analyst is a service I have been monitoring personally since April this 2011.  The impressive results listed on their own results page match up with what I got in my inbox daily.

They are not the cheapest service out there but they do produce good results. Being a bit expensive also helps keep client numbers down so you would not be one of hundreds or thousands trying to get on.

The below for example was sent out by them at circa 10.30 this morning. Now after 12 noon there is still loads of 16/1 available.

So fees may dictate them not for the casual £5 punter. Bigger stakng investor style punters however looking for a proven past profitable service should take a closer look.

Their messages are short and sweet and to the point.

You no long winded waffle just the key details you need to bet.

Here is a live sample selection for today.

( they actually have another runner as well today in their full member area )

I guess they are an example of the sort of stuff I want to draw your attention to here in future.  ie not new stuff launched with loads of marketing hype and no past history but rather stuff that is proven to me personally over time and that I can honestly vouch for as doing what it says on the tin.


For Saturday 17th December 2011

1.50 Lingfield

BRAVE ECHO 2PT E/W @ 16/1 Ladbrokes BOG

For more info on them click here ==> Horse Betting Analyst


ROI In Horse Racing

ROI In Horse Racing

I received a question from someone new to betting on horses.

They had seen me refer to ROI and wondered what that meant.

Quite simply ROI stands for Return on Investment.

It is a way to measure the profitability of a set of betting selections
whether they be your personal picks, system selections or a tipsters tips.

A complete mad gambler is unlikely to care about such things.
If however you have a more investor style attitude to your betting
ROI figures give you a very good measure as to whether a method is worth following or not.

Let’s do a few quick examples.

Example 1:

Assume you place 100 bets of £100 each

The total you have invested is 100 * £100 = £10,000

For arguments sake let’s say your bets do well and the total return to you is £12,000

( ie £10,000 original stake and £2000 profit )

Your Return on Investment ( ROI ) is therefore £12000 / £10000 = 1.2

Normally this is expressed as a percentage

As a percentage 1.2 is 120%

Example 2:

This time let us assume the betting has not been so good and has lost some money.

Again we have 100 bets of £100 each for a total investment of £10,000

The return this time is less than staked.

We only get £7000 back.

So ROI = £7000/£10000 = 0.7

Or expressed as a percentage 70%

From the above you can see that the breakeven mark is at the line of 1.0 or 100%

ROI above 100% is good
Below it is bad

Profit on Turnover

POT or Profit on Turnover is an alternate measure of betting profitability.

Here we look at net profits as opposed to net return   ( return includes original stake )

Using the same data from the two examples above

1 – POT = £2000 / £10000 = 0.2 or 20%

2 – POT = -£3000 / £10000 = -0.3 or -30%

Note how when using POT 0% is the line of breakeven.
Also note that POT can be positive or negative.