I got news in my inbox the other day about some new in play betting software called Market Monitor All Sports Pro.

Not only is it for pure in play traders but it can also be used to pre set up bets you wish to make in play ( or before the off )

It’s the sort of thing that might be of interest to my mate Dave Renham over at RacingTrends whom I know does a lot of personal back then lay back in running betting based on his pace figures. ( or of course some of his subscribers who get his pace ratinsg each day )

[ I don't want to go into an indepth explanation of pace figures here..but in short they are a measure of a horses ability to take an early lead. ( and likely shorten in price in running )

Pace bias also aplies to track and distance configurations.  Dave is the expert. Go and ask him :)   ]

An interesting feature of the market monitor software is how it can visually present odds. Instead of just a jumble of numbers there are coloured bars for each horse. They increase or shorten in length depending on live prices.

A picture paints a thousand words as they say as this extra graphical representation of live market odds I can see some finding favor with.

The software itself is not super cheap at over £200 but on the upside it’s a one off fee. You don’t get stuck with monthly usage charges. £25 a month sounds cheaper for example but over a year or two years it costs you in the long run compared to an outright buy.

It’s best judged as an extra tool you may wish to add to your betting tool kit.

It will speed up in play betting compared to you using the Betfair site.

Visual odds representation is semi cool.

You can give it instructions in the morning or even night before about bets to make etc then go out and have fun leaving it to sit all day watching markets for you.

What it bets on will be your decissions however.

It’s not a tipster bot type thing.

Anyhow..in short semi interesting looking and you might want to nosey around and check it out for yourself.

Market Monitor All Sports Pro