Free Horse Racing Trainer Research

Free Horse Racing Trainer Research

Each racing trainer has their own quirks and tendencies.

One area where they can differ is on seasonality or month of the year.

Different training regimes or even outlook on race targeting

can produce vastly different trainer performance results on a month by month basis.

Trainers stats for the season or year are commonly enough reported but they can be very misleading at times.

Take for example a flat trainer who perhaps roughly breaks even if followed
all season.

Dig a little deeper and you may find that early season performance is poor but he tends to pick up as the season goes on.

That slightly deeper knowledge may sway you to duck him early season but pay much more attention to him later in the season.

Anyone looking at annual stats alone may be blind to the truth.

Each month one of the small extras PunterProfits provide their full members

with is a report detailing Trainer performance records for the month ahead.

This month they have set it as free for all to view.

See ====>      July Trainer Stats

A few suggested ways to use the info:

#1 – Extra useful data for you if you like to assess races for yourself in

#2 – A quick and ready reckoner to cross check any personal punt you were going to have.

ie If July trainers stats are favourable you can have more confidence you were correct.

If not perhaps revaluate your selection.

#3 – create a simple set of mechanical rules based on the report info to in

effect give yourself a mini trainer based horse racing system for July

I hope it helps add a small bit of extra edge to your performance over July.


Horse Racing Trainer Research

When it comes to uk horse racing it pays to know your trainers !

Trainers exhibit very different performances under varying race conditions.

Some do very well with their 2 year olds whilst others do far better with their other horses.

With varying training regimes aimed at peaking horses at different times of year monthly performance stats are also important to consider.

Dave over at PunterProfits recently compiled a serious research document into racing trainers who run on the uk flat season.

He tidied it all up and has created a neat pdf file with easy to use bookmark clickable links that jump you to the data on any particular trainer.

A few quick ideas for usage:

1 – If you like to assess your own races it is an obvious mine of extra information you can use to form a more correct betting opinion

2 – Use it as a base to create your own systematic betting or laying approach.  ie pick out for your self the criteria for a bet using the strike rate and profitibility records supplied. Look for the most positive stats if you are a backer or the most negative ones if you are a layer.

Two links for you to examine

A – a mini article covering three trainers with sample data pulled from the main pdf.  Click Here ===> Flat Horse Racing Trainer Research

B – A short video showing the full copy of the document in use

Click Here ===> Horse Racing Trainer Video

The free stuff above is worth a look.

To get the full research document you need to join as a full member of PunterProfits.

This research doc is just a little extra perk of membership there.

There are in fact three other similar research reports you get on joining.

One for All Weather Racing

One For National Hunt Trainers

And finally another comprehensive report into favourites.

Even if you only stay one month there you get to keep all four research reports.

Worth a look if you are serious about your betting on the horses and value having quality research to guide your judgement.