Frankel Betting Offer

I got this in my inbox last night from Coral
It looks a pretty good offer that is open to both new and existing Coral customers alike.

You can look at it in several ways.

#1 -punt normally and get  a nice little free bet bonus if frankel wins

#2 – play tighter with a  bet at Coral then trade back on Betfair style approach to give yourself minimal risk / downside but with the potential of up to £100 in free bet from Coral if your selections win.


Frankel, my Darling, I don’t Give a Damn!

Will this be the fond farewell that the crowds will remember or have the Bookies made a canny move to pull on the heartstrings of sentimental Punters up and down the land – could this be a race too far for the mighty Frankel?

Coral Connect are pleased to offer their first ever promotion on such an auspicious occasion so don’t miss out on this original and attractive promotional idea.

Here are the important details…

Brief Description

Up to £/€100 in free bets if Frankel wins

Place a winning bet on any of the first 4 races at Ascot tomorrow and, we will match your winning stake with a free bet of the same value, if Frankel wins.


Significant T&C’s

UK/ROI £/€ customers 18+. Excludes shops. Win Singles/Win part of Each Way Singles refunded on first four Ascot races on 20 th Oct 2012 up to £/€25 per race as free bet if your selection wins and Frankel wins Ascot 16:05 on 20 th Oct 2012. Max total of free bets £/€100. Free bets cannot be withdrawn and each must be wagered in full on any Single sports bet. Not valid on Tote Pool betting. Free Bets valid for 7 days. Free bet stakes not included in returns.

Other T&C’s


  • Offer only applies to £/€ Coral customers aged 18 years or over whose accounts are registered in the UK & Republic of Ireland.
  • Offer is available to new & existing online, mobile or telephone customers only.
  • If you place a winning bet on any of the first 4 races from Ascot on Saturday 20/10/2012 (13:45, 14:20, 14:55 & 15:30) and Frankel goes on to win the 16:05 Ascot, we will refund win Singles & Win Part of Each Way Singles up to £/€25 per race as a free bet.
  • Customers will only be eligible to receive a maximum of 4 free bets up to £/€25 or less, to a total of £/€100.
  • The Free Bets will be in the form of free bet tokens and credited within 24 hours of bet settlements. Void bets do not count towards this promotion.
  • If Frankel does not win the Free Bet offer does not apply.
  • Free bet tokens will expire within 7 days of issue and each must be used in their entirety on any Single sports bet (excluding Tote pool betting).
  • Free bet tokens are non-refundable. Free bet stakes are not included in any returns.
  • This free bet offer cannot be used in conjunction with, or contribute to any other free bet offer or promotions.
  • Promoter: Coral Interactive (Gibraltar) Limited, Regal House, Queensway, Gibraltar


To visit the Coral site for more info click here ==> Coral

Soccer Betting Ten Commandments

Gambling on soccer is a mugs game, you can’t beat the bookmaker, right?


There is good money to be made from soccer betting if you stick to some simple
basic rules.

Rule 1 – This is a golden rule, you must shop around for the best value. Open accounts with as many on line bookmakers as possible, they nearly all offer free bets to entice you to open accounts with them.

You should have no loyalty to any bookmaker and the sole reason you should be placing a bet with one is because you are getting the best price. People who just use the nearest high street shop haven’t got a chance. Most Bookmakers have a profit margin of around 10% for football matches but because different bookmakers offer different prices it is still possible to swing the odds in your favour.

Rule 2 – Work out a staking plan. Once you have identified a value bet the next question is “how much should I bet?”. The answer to this question is determined firstly, by how confident you are about the bet, and secondly, by how much value you think you are getting. For example, if you toss a coin in the air you have a 50% chance it will be heads and a 50% chance it will be tales. The correct price for each outcome should therefore be evens. But what if somebody offered you 3/1 that the coin would land on heads, you are obviously being offered huge value and if you repeated this bet ten times you would have to be incredibly unlucky not to be in profit at the end.

Whatever staking plan you have worked out, this would obviously be a maximum bet scenario, you could still lose but you have secured huge value and if you consistently bet when the odds are in your favour you theoretically will make money in the long run. Your staking plan should accommodate the fact that despite the huge value any individual bet may lose.

Rule 3 – Never, EVER, chase. We’ve all been there, you’ve had a terrible day and lost a lot of money, the live Spanish game is about to come on and it’s the last game of the day. “Time to get my money back”, you say to yourself and you have a silly bet on Real Madrid at terrible odds. To make things even worse Madrid concede a last minute goal to level the game. They then go and miss a penalty deep in injury time, what a disaster, your days losses just got worse! To make money betting on soccer it is crucial that you have discipline. Just because a game is on TV doesn’t mean you have to bet on it. If you didn’t identify a value bet in the game at the start of the day then don’t bet on it. We all have bad days and there will be plenty of good value opportunities to get your money back in the next set of fixtures.

You must be selective with your bets. If you do feel the need to bet on every game you watch then keep your stakes small unless you have identified value.

Rule 4 – Stick to singles or doubles. It is hard enough predicting the outcome of one match let alone five.

Bookmakers love to promote accumulator bets because they know the more selections you choose the less likely you are to win. No matter how many teams you pick there will always be one result that lets you down. Many people are attracted to these bets by the possibilities of winning a lot of money from relatively small stakes. You will find that if you increase your stakes a little and stick to singles and doubles your profits will increase long term.

Rule 5 – Pay close attention to team news. An injury to a key striker or a suspended captain can sometimes greatly swing the odds in your favour. As a general rule the higher the level of soccer the less affect team news will have as the top clubs have large squads full of quality players. The lower league teams however, operate with much smaller squads and can have their chances of winning badly affected by key players being injured or suspended. Be warned however, team news can be misleading. Some clubs actively give out false information in order to gain an advantage over their opponents so it is dangerous to base your bet on team news alone.

Rule 6 – Choose which markets you bet on carefully. The best
markets to bet on are generally the match odds and some of the goals markets.
Halftime/full time, correct score, first goal scorer and other similar markets
have a higher profit margin built in by bookmakers and therefore generally offer
poor value. This is not always the case though and occasionally you will find
the odd juicy price in these markets.

For example, injuries may result in a midfield player starting up front making him much better value to be first goal scorer. Asian Handicaps are another market which you should make yourself familiar with. The bookmakers profit margin on these markets is a lot lower and so straight away you have more chance of finding value.

Rule 7 – Bend the rules in your favour. There are a number
of things you can do to achieve this. Firstly make sure you pick up a coupon
from your local shops at the start of the week. The prices printed on these
coupons are compiled up to a week ahead of the game and are often cut online
or on the phone. However the big two on the high street will hold the prices
printed on these coupons so you can often find a bigger price on a shop coupon
than you will be able to get online or even with the Exchanges. If there is
a big move for a certain game then they might impose restrictions of between
£50-200 per customer, but you should still be able to get on. Likewise,
when there is a move online and the match odds are cut you will sometimes find
that a bookmaker has forgotten to cut the “draw no bet” or maybe the
“halftime / full time” price.

It is also worth keeping an eye on long term markets when games are being played as you wouldn’t believe how sloppy some bookmakers can be at suspending markets. This can be especially useful near the end of the season when it is clearer which teams might win the league or be relegated.

Rule 8 – Keep records of all your bets. It is important to do this so that you know exactly how much money you are making or losing. It will help you decide on your staking plan and make it clear that you should stop if you aren’t making money in the long run.

Rule 9 – Stick to what you know and don’t bet on leagues you haven’t been following. You can only get an edge on bookmakers if you have better knowledge than they do on a certain league. If you don’t usually bet on Italian soccer but Milan are playing Inter on Channel five, then don’t bet on it. Accept that the bookmaker is likely to know much more about the two teams than you do and that, as a result, you are unlikely to beat him with bets on this league.

Depending on how much time you have free to study each league, you should be careful not to overstretch yourself. Pick one or two leagues out and concentrate on building up your knowledge of the players, managers, derbies and grudge matches. Most odds compilers will have several leagues to cover and may not have time to concentrate fully on each one.

Rule 10 - Don’t get carried away by short term trends and always be mindful of the bigger picture. This applies both to the leagues you are betting on as well as your own results. For example, if a team has won four games on the bounce then ask yourself “are they winning these games because they are a good team or is it just a lucky run?”. If you believe they are a good team then keep backing them but if you think its a lucky run that is likely to end soon, then you may well get the opportunity to back one of their opponents at an inflated price. Man City’s excellent run of results at home at the start of the season was a good example. City won their first nine home league games but if you thought this run was going to continue indefinitely then you would have lost your next six bets on them. Another good example is when one of the top teams is having a good run in several different competitions. The media tend to get carried away and soon start suggesting that this club can win all four trophies. Bookmakers latch on to this and ridiculously short prices for a quadruple appear in the Racing post prompting bets from hundreds of mug punters.

You should also be wary of “short termism” when it comes to your own bets. In any given season you will have good spells and bad spells and you should not get carried away with either. Stick to your staking plan and don’t start betting bigger and bigger because you are having a good run. Don’t go spending all your winnings either, keep a betting fund and only withdraw from it once you have gone over a certain level. You may need it to fall back on during a bad spell. Likewise, don’t get too upset by a bad run of results. Analyse your bets to see where you may have gone wrong but don’t be panicked into any rash changes. Bad spells can be very disheartening, but if you know your stuff and have made money in the past, then you probably aren’t doing too much wrong and the next good spell is just around the corner. The end of the season is the best time to take stock and analyse your performance over the season as a whole.

These rules should help you to tip the odds in your favour. It is possible to make money from betting on soccer but you will need to invest time and effort. It should be enjoyable too, a moneymaking hobby if you like. If you find the bad spells too upsetting or stressful then maybe it’s not for you.


This advice was provided by and written by a professional
soccer odds compiler with many years experience working for major uk bookmakers.

The Football-Bets site have several ex bookmakers providing clients with profitable
betting advice on uk and european soccer. Worth a look is their short free course
aimed at increasing your understanding of soccer betting.

Stats For Saturdays Horse Racing

The below comes from Dave Renhams blog see horse racing blog

The favourites stats are based on many years historical research.

( his members get much more detail including strike rate and return on investment etc )

As for the In running notes.

The rough idea with these is to back them pre race and lay them back in running. The rough logic behind them is that these horses are assessed by Dave’s research as prominant front runners and are therfore likely to trade at lower when betting in running compared to pre off prices.


Best races for favourites:

Newmarket  1.55

Newbury 2.45, 5.05

Haydock 6.40

Lingfield 6.50, 7.20, 7.50

In running notes

Horses I expect to trade lower “in running” – offering either free bets nothing or arbing opportunities to win money whatever the result:

3.25 Ripon Templetuohy Max

5.15 Newmarket Sutton Veny

6.50 Lingfield Sermons Mount

8.10 Haydock Welsh Emperor

The Four Tops – this week’s free bet offer from Betfair

They’re top of their respective leagues because they are the most successful teams so far this season – and now we’re offering you the chance to back The Four Tops, safe in the knowledge we’ll give you a free bet if they let you down. Simply place a single fourfold, staking £10 or more, on our Four Tops fourfold, which is backing Chelsea, Wolves, Scunthorpe and Darlington to win their games on Saturday. And if one (or more) of that quartet loses, we’ll give you a free £5 bet.

Specific Terms:

To be eligible for a free bet, you must have placed a single fourfold, staking at least £10, on The Four Tops fourfold, which backs the following teams to win their matches on Saturday November 22nd,

2008: Chelsea, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Scunthorpe United and Darlington. The fourfold must be placed before 3pm on Saturday November 22nd, 2008.

A free £5 bet will be paid if one (or more) of the four teams specified above loses their fixture on Saturday November 22nd, 2008.

Free bets are limited to one per person.

Free bets will be paid into accounts by 6pm on Thursday November 27th, 2008.

Standard Betfair Terms and Conditions apply.

Bet on this Weekend’s Sport

Bet on this Weekend’s Sport
The National Hunt season starts in earnest this weekend as Cheltenham hosts the Open Meeting, with the highlight coming on Saturday afternoon in the form of the Gold Cup Chase. The two early Premiership leaders will be looking to gain an advantage in one of the most competitive Premiership races in years this weekend. Liverpool are in action first when they travel to Bolton on Saturday lunch time, while Chelsea must wait until later that day to face bottom side West Bromwich Albion. On Sunday Everton host Middlesbrough as seventh meets eighth, while Hull look to continue their bright start when they host Manchester City.

Weekend Horse Racing

Cheltenham hosts the first jumps festival of the new season this weekend, with the three day Open Meeting. The highlight is the Paddy Power Gold Cup Chase at 2:35pm on Saturday, where Silverburn is the 10/3 favourite at VCbet, with Imperial Commander, a 6/1 shot with Pagebet, and Barbers Shop at 8/1 with BGbet following closely behind in the betting.

Last years winning trainer Ferdy Murphy is looking to defend the crown he won with 13/2 chance L’Antartique, and his challenger this year is Three Mirrors. However another success would be even more impressive this time round as Three Mirrors is currently a 40/1 outsider with both Pagebet and BGbet.

Existing Pagebet customers! Have FIVE outright win bets of £25 or more on any FIVE different races at Cheltenham over the 3 days of the festival, and Pagebet will give you a free £25 bet. 1

If your horse falls in the Paddy Power Gold Cup Chase at 2.35pm Cheltenham on Saturday, we will refund your win stakes in the form of free bets.2

Free Fall…

All races at Cheltenham (Saturday & Sunday)

If your selection FALLS, VCbet will refund your losing stake as a free bet on the following day’s racing!3

Weekend Football

Bolton v Liverpool, Saturday, Sky Sports 1, 12:45pm

Liverpool are the first of the leaders to play this weekend, and they will want to leave the Reebok with a three point lead over Chelsea after their game against Bolton. After their stutter against Tottenham the Reds looked to be back on form last week against West Brom as they ran out 3-0 winners. Robbie Keane scored his first Premier League goals for Liverpool at Anfield as his brace sealed the game before half time. Bolton have had a mini revival of late which has seen them climb from the relegation to mid table. They beat upstarts Hull 1-0 last time out, and that came on the back of a 2-0 win over Man City at the Reebok.

Bolton are 5/1 with BGbet to continue their good form, while Liverpool are 3/5 with Pagebet to build their lead at the top of the Premiership.

If Ryan Babel scores at anytime during Bolton v Liverpool, BGbet will refund all losing first goalscorer stakes on the match.4

West Bromwich Albion v Chelsea, Saturday, Setanta Sports 1, 5:30pm

Chelsea travel to the Hawthorns on Saturday evening for a possible top v bottom clash. Going into the weekend they were top thanks to their goal difference, which is down to new coach Phil Scolari’s attacking mentality. They have scored 16 goals in their last 5 Premiership games, and the West Brom defence will have to hold strong to withstand the formidable Chelsea attack. The Baggies will certainly have to put on a better performance than they have done so far against other sides from the “Big Four”, as Liverpool beat them 3-0 last week, while Manchester United put four past them in October.

West Brom are a massive 7/1 outsider with Centrebet to cause a huge upset, while Chelsea are 2/7 with BGbet to move back to the top of the Premiership.

If Florent Malouda scores at anytime during West Brom v Chelsea, BGbet will refund all losing first goalscorer stakes on the match.4

Everton v Middlesbrough, Sunday, Sky Sports 1, 1:30pm

Two sides who have had promising starts to the campaign meet on Sunday when Middlesbrough travel to Goodison to face Everton. Everton will be full of confidence as they have won their last three Premiership games, although in each of these games they have only scored in the last ten minutes. This knack of scoring late goals was demonstrated in its most startling effect at West Ham last week, when they scored three times in the last ten minutes to come form a goal behind to win 3-1. Boro have also left it late in scoring in their last two games, as Tuncay’s 88th minute winner at Villa Park last week followed Mido’s 83rd minute goal at West Ham the week before that gave the Teesider’s a 1-1 draw.
Everton are 4/5 with Pagebet to stretch their unbeaten run to five games, with Boro 7/2 at Centrebet to continue their recent good run of form.

If Marouane Fellaini scores at anytime during Everton v Middlesbrough, BGbet will refund all losing first goalscorer stakes on the match.4

If Everton v Middlesbrough finishes 0-0 BGbet will refund all losing correct score bets on that game.4

Hull v Manchester City, Sunday, Sky Sports 1, 4:00pm

Despite their excellent start Hull will be looking to win for the first time in four Premiership games when they welcome Manchester City to the KC Stadium on Sunday. Last week’s 1-0 defeat to Bolton showed how far the Tiger’s have come this season, as many people were shocked that the Premiership new boys were beat by an established Premiership side. Prior to that game they had been brought back down to earth with successive defeats against Man Utd. and Chelsea, although they did push the Champions close at Old Trafford. Manchester City will also be looking for their first league win in four, although their pre-season expectations would have been considerably higher than Hulls. However, the addition of Robinho and Wright-Phillips has not transformed the side in the way many believed, and they will want to leave Humberside on Sunday night with some points as they prepare for a spending spree in January.
Hull are 19/10 with VCbet to continue their excellent start to the season, while BGbet make Manchester City 13/10 at the KC Stadium.

If Shaun Wright Phillips scores at anytime during Hull v Manchester City, BGbet will refund all losing first goalscorer stakes on the match.4

Place a correct score bet on any of the above matches this week, and if it gets beat by an injury time goal BGbet will refund all losing correct score stakes on that match.¹


Applies to all Premier League matches this weekend

Place a First Goal scorer bet and if your player fails to score the first goal but scores at any other time in the match we’ll refund your stake as a free bet on any future match.5

Open an account with any of the following bookmakers and receive a free bet:

Pagebet £25 Free Bet  VC Bet  £100 in Free Bets
Centrebet £20 Free Bet  BGbet £100 Free Bet