Betting on the number of corners in a soccer match might seem to some a little strange. Likk betting on two fly’s on a wall perhaps.

It starts to make a lot more sense however if you maintain a big database of soccer statistics  and use that to carefully pinpoint value in a bet.

It can certainly make watching a live match more interesting.

You find yourself screaming at the TV to the defender shouting “push him wide .. don’t let him cut inside”.

I have a corner bet today for you.

It comes from an ex bookmaker odds compiler called Phil who is one of the advisors over at Football Bets

Arsenal v Wolves (3:00pm)
OVER 11 Corners at 10/11 Bet365 next best  (4/5 Sky ) 1pt

This one may or may not win but he has a very good long term record of profit and healthy return on investment.

There is a no quibble refund guarantee there to protect you if for some reason you find the service not suitable for you personally.

Worth a test if you can see the sense in having bookmaker trained ex odds compilers directing your betting  action.