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This is typical style of Guy’s daily output for clients there.

As you can see he knows a lot and works very hard.

Quite a few of his clients have been with him not for a month or six months even but for over 5 years !


No Strong Bet Today


2 Bets Today

Lingfield 4.55


Win Bet

Thirsk 6.30


Each Way Bet

* No Message Tomorrow *

This is the 11th message in a row without a break and
National Hunt cards tomorrow give me a chance for a
break and as I’m flagging now and tired it’s a good time.

Never really liked the cards on this day as there are so
many smaller field conditions races. The evening cards
are not as good as normal as fast ground has reduced a
few of the fields to uncompetetive races. I have decided
to go with two chosen bets on the day and both are big
prices in open handicaps. SEEK THE FAIR LAND has
a decent chance and looks overpriced to me but there’s
no margin for error in this race and we may need to be
lucky despite a good draw. DESERT STRIKE also has
a reasonable chance. Unusual bet for me as statistically
he is just average but I was given a good word for him
earlier in the week and having watched his last run in
the understanding he wasn’t fancied last time I liked a
performance that showed he had a lot in hand. Think
he is worth a bet as there are lots of horses I dislike in
this race and there are 4 places available. Worth a bet.


Message Thoughts

Not that many places that I want to go today. I have a
hatred of Ascot and find it beats me more often than it
helps me so nothing there except the Victoria Cup stats
and I am only doing those as its the showcase handicap
of the day. I also hate the Haydock mixed card as usual.

There a lots of races I can’t get serious in. I dont want
to get dragged into smaller field races. The Maidens or
the trial races , conditions races or the pattern contests
are all unpleasant. I have looked at a few of these from
a safe distance but these rarely throw up stronger bets.

Far too many of those today and not that many suit me
today. It is normally a weak Saturday for us. Only doing
a short portfolio of races I feel I can offer something in.


Friday’s Summary

One bet and a winner in GALA CASINO STAR which was
welcome after an unsteady few days. Hopefully that was a
sign of things to come. I thought the message was the best
for a while. Seemed to be lots of winners in there.
Overall  a strong message and with quite a lot going our way
it felt like it worked on a day I was forced into summarising more.


P R O F I L E S   &  P R E V I E W S

Nottingham 1.50

9/4 Select Committee, 7/2 Secret Venue, 5/1 Absa Lutte
6/1 Atlantic Beach, 7/1 Black Baccara, 10/1 Bilash
14/1 Micky Mac, 14/1 Yurituni.

Unpleasant 5f Handicap to start with. Weak profiles for the
likes of BILASH and MICKY MAC. I found YURITUNI not
safe enough and unlike any winners. SELECT COMMITTEE
lacks a bit of backclass and because of that I just failed to get him
into safe statistical territory as all similar horses needed 3 runs that year.
I felt the same with SECRET VENUE who’s younger but has just
1 run this year. I am oppose these horses. I think one of 3 horses should be considered here

* BLACK BACCARA – Well raced filly with chances
* ABSA LUTTE – Older Mare but offers enough
* ATLANTIC BEACH – Solid enough profile

Lingfield 2.10

Seasonal debutants have won the last 6 Chartwell Stakes
but’s time for a change now. DEVER DREAM is having
her first run but the only winners as experienced as her
had by then achieved Group 1 Class before and she lacks
that. PYRRHA and TROPICAL PARADISE also racing
first time out are a little bit exposed to be doing that so
with all 3 of these badly drawn I expect the winner will
have run this year. No 3 year old that had raced at least
5 times before won with under 2 runs that season which
is a problem for EUCHARIST and no 3yo has won this
coming from 6f like PERFECT TRIBUTE. Overall the
safest choice looks to be FLAMBEAU the favourite.

Lingfield 2.40

100/30 Field Of Miracles, 4/1 Date With Destiny
5/1 Palm Pilot, 6/1 Zain Al Boldan, 7/1 Always The Lady
10/1 Galivant, 12/1 Al Mayasah, 12/1 Saint Helena
20/1 Barathea Dancer.

The Oaks trial looks destined for a horse that’s ran this
year. No past winners came from 3yo handicaps which
and PALM PILOT. The horses winning 10f maidens
all had more experience than ALWAYS THE LADY
and more runs that year. DATE WITH DESTINY is
respected but I think FIELD OFF MIRACLES might
improve past her and she would be my choice.

Nottingham 2.55

9/4 Shernando, 5/2 Hallstatt, 9/2 Bollin Greta
6/1 Emrani, 6/1 Wild Desert, 12/1 Daylami Dreams

This is a 14f Handicap. I looked at 112 similar races at this time of year.
Horses aged 4 coming from 3yo handicaps first time out are 2-22.
However fillies were 2-2 and Males had a 0-20 record and SHERNANDO
fails that as a male. The two winners also had much more experience and less
weight so I am avoiding SHERNANDO. Also out are BOLLIN GRETA
and DAYLAMI DREAMS both older seasonal debutants and not like any of the 112 winners.

These are my negatives.

EMRANI – Hard to read perhaps didnt do enough last time
WILD DESERT – Very hard to read but a possible
HALLSTATT – Limitations but easily the Fittest horse

Lingfield 3.10

The Derby Trial is another messy trials race.
HURRICANE HIGGINS would be my choice.

Ascot 3.25

Totesport Victoria Cup (Handicap) (CLASS 2) (4yo+) 7f

8/1 Horseradish, 10/1 Hawkeyethenoo, 14/1 Al Muheer
14/1 Brae Hill, 14/1 Shamandar, 16/1 Castles In The Air
16/1 Excellent Guest, 16/1 Lowther, 16/1 Nasri, Lutine Bell
20/1 Fathsta, Himalya, 20/1 Mon Cadeaux, 20/1 Zero Money
25/1 Gouray Girl, 25/1 Noble Citizen, 25/1 Sunraider
28/1 Layla´s Hero, 33/1 Advanced, 33/1 Bay Knight
33/1 Bravo Echo, 33/1 Dhaular Dhar, 33/1 Douze Points
33/1 Golden Desert, 33/1 Manassas, 33/1 Oasis Dancer,
33/1 Parisian Pyramid, Rulesn´regulations, Corporal Maddox.

* The Victoria Cup is a 7f Handicap for 0-110 horses
* Since 1990 there has been 18 renewals of this race
* Avoid horses with 3 or more runs that season
* Avoid horses from 5f races
* Oppose horses aged 7 or more (0-46)
* Oppose exposed horses absent 7 weeks or more
* Oppose exposed 6 year olds with 1 run this season
* Oppose exposed horses absent 7 weeks or more
* Avoid fillies who are 0-23 in this race
* Oppose exposed horses from 8f races if 1 run this year
* Oppose exposed horses from 6f or shorter
* Oppose exposed horses beaten 6 + lengths last time
* Avoid any horses from a Conditions race (0-41)
* Avoid 4 year olds with 13 + runs unless with Group 1 form
* Seasonal debutants have a 3-95 record
* All 3 were male aged 4 or 5
* They all came from 7f races and had 7-20 runs
* Horses with 6 or more career wins are 0-71
* Horses with 9st 5lbs or more had a poor 1-73 record
* Horses from 6f races won 4 renewals
* All 3 that did it had 1 run this year
* None that did it ran within 2 weeks (0-29)
* Only 2 past winners ran in Group class before
* None were aged 6 or more
* Those doing that with under 21 career runs were 0-38
* Horses that come from 8f or more won 4 races
* Those that had 13 or more runs doing this were 1-73
* That winner ran within 2 weeks


* HORSERADISH – similar to 1999 winner – Draws a worry
* ZERO MONEY – Statistically fine if he is fit enough
* BRAE HILL – Acceptable profile

Nottingham 3.30

Hard race and I couldnt sort it.
BOUNTY BOX – Dont like the profile much
BEYOND DESIRE – Definate chance
KHOR SHEED – Acceptable
ANNE OF KIEV – Unmatchable but interesting
There is one bet that I see worth having if playing
ANNE OF KIEV as a Place Only Bet at evens

Haydock 3.40

6/1 Remember Now, 10/1 Knight In Purple
10/1 Tatispout, 12/1 Ballybriggan, 12/1 Higgy´s Ragazzo
12/1 Pires, 12/1 Rebel Dancer, 14/1 Jubail, 16/1 Eradicate
16/1 Hunterview, 16/1 Pokfulham, 20/1 Barizan
20/1 Chaninbar, 20/1 Drill Sergeant, 20/1 Safari Journey
25/1 Rio Gael, 33/1 Andhaar, 33/1 Olympian, 33/1 Orsippus
33/1 Tarkari, 40/1 Caravel, 40/1 Mason Hindmarsh
50/1 Maoi Chinn Tire.

* The Swinton Handicap Hurdle is over 2m
* Always play with a few trends and shortlist
* Horses aged 7 or more have struggled
* You ideally want at least 4 hurdle starts
* You want a horse with under 13 hurdle starts
* Your horse must have won in their last 6 races
* Avoid all horses from handicaps in Class 3 or less
* You want a horse thats ran within 80 days
* All past winners had ran in a Class 2 race before
* Horses are strong coming from Novice Hurdles
* They are best with under 4-8 runs when 1-2-3-4 last time
* Most winners had 11st or less weight
* The two I shortlisted from these are below

Haydock 4.10

15/8 Victoire De Lyphar, 11/4 Society Rock
3/1 Bated Breath, 4/1 Royal Rock, 20/1 Tamagin.

This is a Conditions race over 6f with a history
going back to 1997. Dandy Nicholls keeps trying
and failing to win this race and runs the seasonal
debutant VICTOIRE DE LYPHAR. Only 2 past
winners won first time out and none were 4yo’s
like him. BATED BREATH is very sexy and in
the Cammidge Trophy we could clearly see how
unlucky he was. Thats not to say he would have
won though. If you take the 4 year olds that ran
in Listed races with 1 run this season you find a
few winners. SOCIETY ROCK shares the profile.
Of the pair I prefer SOCIETY ROCK. He is from
a better trial race. He has more experience which
has been an advantage and he has more backclass
as well and overall he fits in much better to past
winners than BATED BREATH. I wouldnt rule
out ROYAL ROCK who is almost right and not
too dissimilar to the 2002 winner who was older
but overall the best profile is SOCIETY ROCK.

Lingfield 4.55

More Live Football At Totesport.com Handicap
(Turf) (CLASS 4) (4yo+ 0-85) 7f

9/2 Bowmaker, 11/2 Den´s Gift, 13/2 Space Station
8/1 Buxton, 8/1 Wilfred Pickles, 10/1 Free For All
10/1 Seek The Fair Land, 12/1 Red Yarn, 14/1 Aldermoor
16/1 Leadenhall Lass, 16/1 Nezami, 16/1 Slugger O´toole
20/1 Aye Aye Digby.

* This is a 7f Handicap for horses rated 0-84
* There are 156 similar races at this time of year
* You want a high draw in these races
* Since 2008 there were 23 Handicaps here with 9 + runners
* Horses drawn in stalls 1-2-3 had a poor 1-73 record
* Recent winners came from these stalls
* 11-5-16-12-18-6-14-10-11-15-17-8-10
* AYE AYE DIGBY is out drawn 1
* No exposed horse won absent more than 7 months
* ALDERMOOR doesnt appeal in stall 2
* He is an exposed debutant and may need the run
* SLUGGER O´TOOLE has a poor draw in stall 3
* SLUGGER O´TOOLE is exposed and first time out
* RED YARN is not drawn well in stall 4
* She is a 4yo filly racing first time out
* 4yo fillies doing that with 7 + runs had a 0-38 record
* FREE FOR ALL is 4 and last ran in a Maiden last year
* Horses doing that with 2 or more runs were 0-15
* I don’t like her inexperience or his stable
* LEADENHALL LASS is a mare with 1 run this year
* Mares with 1 run this season have a 2-61 record
* None of these won or placed last time out
* She find it hard to follow up with just 1 run
* She won a small field 0-74 last time and this is better
* BOWMAKER has a good draw but a questionable profile
* I looked at 4yo Males with under 13 career starts
* BOWMAKER is 4 and has only raced 7 times
* Those 4 year olds with 1-2-3 runs that year were 2-73
* Not a good record and both winners had Class 2 form
* Those like BOWMAKER who didnt were 0-48
* NEZAMI is respected despite being underraced
* I cant find a similar winner his age
* Not exposed with 1 run this year and an absence
* I Suspect he will need 1 more run this season
* WILFRED PICKLES is 5 and drops down in distance
* No problem doing that but most winners had more backclass
* He has no form beyond this class and it hurts his chance
* So far he has lost in all 15 races on turf
* All came from lower handicap marks as well
* His 42 day absence hurts him as well
* I also wonder if the ground may be too quick
* Given all that and stall 5 of 13 he isnt for me
* BUXTON is fine statistically
* I just question whether he is up to this class
* Most of his runs/wins are against slightly weaker horses
* He is up in class today as well
* One or two may have more talent
* He seems to need to go round a bend as well


* DEN´S GIFT has a decent profile
* He is 7 with 3 runs this year running well last time
* I found 3 winners with his profile
* All 3 did have a bit less weight
* He is also 0-19 on Grass and has one of the weaker riders
* I see him as shortlistable though

* SPACE STATION is a 5yo male down from 8f
* SPACE STATION was well beaten last time 5 days ago
* He caught the eye last time but he often does
* I ran his profile carefully
* I found 1 similar winner with slight differences
* That winner had just over a weeks break not under
* That winner had less weight as well
* He didnt come from the sand either
* He isnt that well handicapped either
* He will also have to make sure he runs prominently
* He could throw away a good draw if he doesnt

* SEEK THE FAIR LAND has a strong profile
* Male 5 year old exposed with 2 runs this season
* Coming from a 7f handicap with Class 2 backclass
* I found 4 similar winners with that profile
* Those not beaten more than 10 lengths were best
* Those not winning last time were best
* Similar horses had a 2-5 record
* All his wins are on Sand but hes had few turf oppurtunities
* Last time on Grass he was 3rd in a 0-95 Handicap
* That was a much better race and he was out of the weights
* Absent more than 10 weeks before that race as well
* SEEK THE FAIR LAND has a serious chance

Thirsk 6.00

Not enough of these 6f sellers to draw any firm conclusions
but I would rather have the older horses especially if having a recent run.
Last years 3rd BONNIE PRINCE BLUE has a sound chance and MARK ANTHONY could also go well.
Its easier to go with MARK ANTHONY on his last run but just
on profiles BONNIE PRINCE BLUE comes out best.

Warwick 6.15

My stats say No as no similar winner had 4 + runs

Thirsk 6.30

5/1 We´ll Deal Again, 13/2 Desert Strike, 8/1 Mullglen
9/1 River Falcon, 10/1 Bossy Kitty, 10/1 Chosen One
10/1 Dancing Freddy, 10/1 Sir Nod, 12/1 Leonid Glow
14/1 Clear Ice, 14/1 Mandalay King, 16/1 Incomparable
20/1 Sea Salt, Belinsky, 33/1 Ace Of Spies, 66/1 Sea Rover.

* This is a 6f Handicap
* I found the following to all be negatives
* The above 3 have hideous draws
* RIVER FALCON too old for one run this year
* LEONID GLOW – Absent too long as a mare
* SEA ROVER – BELINSKY both weak
* ACE OF SPIES doesnt offer enough
* CLEAR ICE – No 4yo won from a seller
* ACE OF SPIES is unsafe
* WE´LL DEAL AGAIN exposed 4yo from 5f
* Similar horses were 1-59 that winner had more backclass
* DANCING FREDDY fails the same angles
* CHOSEN ONE – Lack of backclass troubles me
* MULLGLEN – Exposed 5yo 1 run this year from 5f
* Similar horses had a 0-17 record which troubles me
* MANDALAY KING – Unimpressive profile
* SIR NOD – Age and absence leaves him vulnerable


* DESERT STRIKE – Shortlisting him
* Not because he is statistically sound he is just average
* I have had a tip for him from a good source
* Very eyecatching on video last time as well

Thirsk 7.00

* Couldnt sort this race out
* I would not have backed these
* Lady Chaparral – Too inexperienced for 4yo filly
* The Caped Crusader – Not overkeen from 3yo handicap

Thirsk 7.30

13/2 Trans Sonic, 8/1 More Than Many, 8/1 Mujaadel
8/1 Our Boy Barrington, 8/1 Ravi River, 10/1 Legal Legacy
10/1 Rosbay, 14/1 Emeralds Spirit, 14/1 Fazza, 16/1 Mozayada
16/1 Tobrata, 20/1 Apache Warrior, 20/1 Call Of Duty 20/1 Hill Tribe,
20/1 Red Scintilla, 33/1 Baltimore Jack 33/1 Chambers, 33/1 Fifty Moore.

* This is a Mile Handicap
* I looked at all Handicaps here with 12-18 runners
* There were 23 of these races since 2009
* The best place to be drawn is stalls 3-14
* Recent winners came from these stalls
* 7 6 7 9 4 5 3 10 7 4 12 4 3 8 6 6 9
* LEGAL LEGACY – Profile not good enough to ignore draw
* EMERALDS SPIRIT – Negative profile and draw
* MUJAADEL won a 7f handicap last time
* Horses doing that had a 1-40 record trying to follow up
* That winner had 4 runs this year he has two
* He looks unsafe to me
* OUR BOY BARRINGTON – comes from 3yo handicap
* He is a bit too exposed to be doing that
* RED SCINTILLA – Fillies from 3yo handicaps are 0-31
* TOBRATA – lacks backclass from 7f with 1 run this year
* ROSBAY – down from 10f and 1 run this year
* Thats not a safe profile and he is unsteady
* FIFTY MOORE – Not easy to like first time
* CALL OF DUTY ran too badly last time
* HILL TRIBE – Didnt offer enough
* APACHE WARRIOR – Too inexperienced
* MOZAYADA – comes out badly
* MORE THAN MANY – respected but not quite right
* RAVI RIVER – respected but old to be following up
* FAZZA – Strong runner
* TRANS SONIC comes out well
* Exposed 8yo coming from 7f with 3 + runs that year
* Beaten last time but not losing more than 10 lengths
* Similar horses had a 3-5 record


TRANS SONIC – Win Bet 8/1

FAZZA – Saver Bet 12/1

Warwick 7.45

This is a 3yo handicap over 7f. I have Freckenham as a
negative failing a 0-36 statistic.  Shostakovich was not
able to be matched to a winner. Tamareen just failed as
he didn’t have the backclass and Nawaashi is supossed to
be the owners second string. I don’t like the race but the
best profile was ROSSETTI. Horses with his profile had
a 6 W 2 record so I will go with him but dislike this race.

Warwick 8.15 – I wouldnt oppose APRIL FOOL



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