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In this months report…

Mark Foleys Five to Follow in October – this column regularly makes a level
stakes profit

PaceForm October Preview – Paceform expert Carl Nicholson assesses the big races

In Form Jumpers – A system that has made consistent profits over the past 10

Greyhound Betting by Shane Gilbert – Shane teaches unique angles for profiting
from greyhound racing

Alternative Football Bets – Matthew Walton looks at alternative bets to get
value from short priced favourites

As well as another 23 pages of value angles, arbitrage opportunities and how

Betting School offer a great site and service for the more thinking punter.

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Betting Exchange Trading Software

Have you heard of the scalpers trading the markets on Betfair?

A scalper is a person who holds a position for a very short period of time, attempting to make money off of the bid-ask spread. The scalper aims to make lots of very small profits with the idea that lots of small profits can add up.

And it is a lot easier and quicker to make a 1 tick profit than it is to make a 10 tick profit. The best markets for scalping on Betfair are the UK horseracing markets just before the start of the race.

A strict exit strategy must be implemented because one large loss could eliminate the many small gains that you have worked to obtain. Needless to say, discipline to get out of bad trades and risk management is extremely important and if implemented properly it is possible for a scalper to make consistent profits.

Another defining characteristic of scalpers is that they usually don’t know anything about what it is they are buying and selling. They don’t use fundamentals to base their trading decisions on but rather rely on familiar and predictable short term price patterns that they have learnt to recognize and exploit. A scalper doesn’t need to know anything about what he is buying and selling because often the fundamentals don’t apply to such a short term view.

This is true whether the scalper is buying and selling stocks, oil futures or horse racing prices. And the key to success scalping the betting Exchanges on Betfair is speed: the faster you take your profits the less risk you are taking, and the scalper avoids risk at all costs. Risk must be minimized as much as possible which means holding positions for the shortest possible amount of time.

One of the keys to trading in fast moving Betfair live show markets is speed of execution. The fastest finger will get the better prices.

Using the Betfair site itself will not really do. What you need is one click betting software that places bets almost instantaneously.

BetTrader is a such a piece of betting software.

Along with one click betting it comes with a raft of price chasing and hedging features.

If you want to be a carpenter you need a saw.

If you want to be a successful betting Exchange trader you need to invest in the right tools of the trade.

BetTrader software from RacingTraders was built by an experienced betting Exchange trader.

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