Dutching Calculator

Dutching is the process of betting on more than one outcome in a  single event in order to generate the same profit no matter which selection wins.

eg Say in a horse race you wanted to bet two horses. Horse A has odds of 10/1 and Horse B has odds of 5/1

Your idea is to place a bet on each of varying stake in order tha no matter which of those two horses wins you walk away with the same net profit.

How do you work it all out ?

The easiest way to do it is by using a dutching caclulator.

See the link below for a couple of free dutching spreadsheets that will help you do all the boring number crunching quickly.

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Football Correct Score Betting

Football Correct Score Betting

Two wins out of two so far for this betting strategy. Please note this style of betting turned £1000 into £8753 last season and £11,123 the season before. Past results are only an indication of what can be done but i am confident you will not lose money in the long-term.

Today’s game is Liverpool vs Man City

Starting Bank: £1000, Current Bank: £1099.34, Next Stake: 10%

Stake £109.93
Score Decimal Odds Stake Amount Winnings *
1-0 9.2 £19.32 £168.82
1-1 8.4 £21.16 £168.82
2-0 10.5 £16.92 £168.82
2-1 9.4 £18.90 £168.82
1-2 18 £9.87 £168.82
2-2 17.5 £10.15 £168.82
1-3 48 £3.70 £168.82
3-2 28 £6.35 £168.82
2-3 50 £3.55 £168.82
ROI % 53.57%
Profit Gain £ £58.89

* After 5% Commission

I could not post the bet any earlier as I had to wait for the required liquidity. Please note odds constantly change (for better or worse) so below is a screenshot on the current odds for proof. If the odds do change slightly then I have a calculator which re-calculates the stake. If you require this, please contact Mick (Football-bets.co.uk Owner)

Screen shot from Betfair

Liverpool vs Man City Correct Score Odds

Good Luck



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