Soccer Betting Tips for the weekend of Sat Dec 5th

These tips come from a bloke who uses the name 99 reds.

They are devised from his personal ratings.

He is one of the candidates going for the job of official soccer advisor over at

His month long tipping interview there has racked up very good profits so far.

Double    Charlton / Norwich     Stake 1 point        Pays 6/4  Skybet

Double    Spurs / Ipswich     Stake 0.2 points         Pays 8/1  Skybet

Single      Spurs      Stake 0.5 points                         Pays 6/4  Skybet

Single      Ipswich     Stake 0.3 points                      Pays 11/4  Skybet

Lay           Arsenal      Stake 1 point                            Liability  0.3 points

Lay          Fiorentina    Stake 1 point                          Liability  0.64 points