Soccer Betting Software Free Trial

There is a free trial currently available of some high power betting software aimed at more serious soccer punters.  It is on the whole an indepth analysis tools providing you with more stats than you could shake a stick at about soccer matches.

I can see bookmakers using this.

I can envisage soccer tipster sites using it.

It is also suitable for more serious soccer punters seeking an edge through research.

Andrew Black one of the founders of Betfair says about this kit….“Without a shadow of a doubt, the best product on the market and one that gives you a real edge”

Anyhow with a  one month free trail on offer you can judge with your own eyes if it is a good match up to yourself.

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In Play Betting Software

I got news in my inbox the other day about some new in play betting software called Market Monitor All Sports Pro.

Not only is it for pure in play traders but it can also be used to pre set up bets you wish to make in play ( or before the off )

It’s the sort of thing that might be of interest to my mate Dave Renham over at RacingTrends whom I know does a lot of personal back then lay back in running betting based on his pace figures. ( or of course some of his subscribers who get his pace ratinsg each day )

[ I don't want to go into an indepth explanation of pace figures here..but in short they are a measure of a horses ability to take an early lead. ( and likely shorten in price in running )

Pace bias also aplies to track and distance configurations.  Dave is the expert. Go and ask him :)   ]

An interesting feature of the market monitor software is how it can visually present odds. Instead of just a jumble of numbers there are coloured bars for each horse. They increase or shorten in length depending on live prices.

A picture paints a thousand words as they say as this extra graphical representation of live market odds I can see some finding favor with.

The software itself is not super cheap at over £200 but on the upside it’s a one off fee. You don’t get stuck with monthly usage charges. £25 a month sounds cheaper for example but over a year or two years it costs you in the long run compared to an outright buy.

It’s best judged as an extra tool you may wish to add to your betting tool kit.

It will speed up in play betting compared to you using the Betfair site.

Visual odds representation is semi cool.

You can give it instructions in the morning or even night before about bets to make etc then go out and have fun leaving it to sit all day watching markets for you.

What it bets on will be your decissions however.

It’s not a tipster bot type thing. short semi interesting looking and you might want to nosey around and check it out for yourself.

Market Monitor All Sports Pro

Automated Arbitrage Sports Betting Software

Automated Arbitrage Sports Betting Software

Arbitrage involves exploiting differing opinions of bookmakers to try and guarantee yourself a no lose bet.

A classic easy to visualise example might be a cricket match between Australia and England.

With patriotic cash piling onto England uk bookies might offer 11/10 about Australia.

On the other side of the world however the aussies are betting the opposite way  and due to weight of money the Australian bookmakers offer 11/10 about England.

Put £100 on both sides at 11/10 and you are guaranteed a profit no matter which team wins.

Every day there are many many such opportunities available.
It takes work to find them manually however.

Software can be used however to do the tedious job of scouring markets and doing the sums.

A well know example of such software is Rebel Betting

A new kid on the block however is now offering a potentially better idea.
That being that it will not only seek out arbitrage opportunities.
It will do the extra step of logging into bookmakers and placing appropriate bets for you !

Bullet Proof Bets are the ones offering such software.

I will have to hold my hands up and say I have yet to test it thoroughly.
I am however drawn by the principle about what it offers.
That being making cash from betting with little investment of time.

It comes with quite a bit of hype which I normally find off putting but it might be worth  you taking a closer look if you are also drawn by its key design feature of trying to be an automated cash earning machine.

Rebel Betting is also worth a look if you just want to the computer to find arbs and do not trust a computer to take hold of your bankroll.
It is older and more tested and checks a much wider range of bookmakers.

Having to manually put the bets on yourself you may see as time wasting hassle or a shrewd safety net measure.
Horses for courses as they say.

Jadwiz Racing Promotional Code

Jadwiz Racing Promotional Code

Use Promotional Code MG54 to get yourself a 33% increase in membership time there for the same price. !

This software is actually an interesting piece of kit for any of you who would like to be able to research your own horse racing systems over many years of data and have qualifiers of your saved past profitable systems calculated for you each day by the racing software.

The racing software and site is great value as it is with a cost of £49.95 for a years membership

On the JadwizRacing Site Use Promotional Code MG54 however to get yourself 16 months for that price as opposed to just 12

For More info Click Here

Dutching Calculator

Dutching is the process of betting on more than one outcome in a  single event in order to generate the same profit no matter which selection wins.

eg Say in a horse race you wanted to bet two horses. Horse A has odds of 10/1 and Horse B has odds of 5/1

Your idea is to place a bet on each of varying stake in order tha no matter which of those two horses wins you walk away with the same net profit.

How do you work it all out ?

The easiest way to do it is by using a dutching caclulator.

See the link below for a couple of free dutching spreadsheets that will help you do all the boring number crunching quickly.

Click here == > Dutching Calculator

Betting Exchange Trading Software

Have you heard of the scalpers trading the markets on Betfair?

A scalper is a person who holds a position for a very short period of time, attempting to make money off of the bid-ask spread. The scalper aims to make lots of very small profits with the idea that lots of small profits can add up.

And it is a lot easier and quicker to make a 1 tick profit than it is to make a 10 tick profit. The best markets for scalping on Betfair are the UK horseracing markets just before the start of the race.

A strict exit strategy must be implemented because one large loss could eliminate the many small gains that you have worked to obtain. Needless to say, discipline to get out of bad trades and risk management is extremely important and if implemented properly it is possible for a scalper to make consistent profits.

Another defining characteristic of scalpers is that they usually don’t know anything about what it is they are buying and selling. They don’t use fundamentals to base their trading decisions on but rather rely on familiar and predictable short term price patterns that they have learnt to recognize and exploit. A scalper doesn’t need to know anything about what he is buying and selling because often the fundamentals don’t apply to such a short term view.

This is true whether the scalper is buying and selling stocks, oil futures or horse racing prices. And the key to success scalping the betting Exchanges on Betfair is speed: the faster you take your profits the less risk you are taking, and the scalper avoids risk at all costs. Risk must be minimized as much as possible which means holding positions for the shortest possible amount of time.

One of the keys to trading in fast moving Betfair live show markets is speed of execution. The fastest finger will get the better prices.

Using the Betfair site itself will not really do. What you need is one click betting software that places bets almost instantaneously.

BetTrader is a such a piece of betting software.

Along with one click betting it comes with a raft of price chasing and hedging features.

If you want to be a carpenter you need a saw.

If you want to be a successful betting Exchange trader you need to invest in the right tools of the trade.

BetTrader software from RacingTraders was built by an experienced betting Exchange trader.

To take out a Free Trial of this betting software ==> Click Here

Staking Plan Software

Many a punter skilled at identifying value bets has come undone by poor staking.

When it comes to the issue of betting bank management it is important to understand that

the shoe must fit the foot in terms of matching a staking plan to any particular selection set.

It is unlikely that a staking plan suitable for high strike rate betting selections will also be suitable for long shots even if those long shots do make a level stakes profit.

You need to apply a suitable staking plan that is right for your particular bet selections.

There are many weird and wonderful approaches to bet staking and betting bank management.

How do start to find out which is best for you?

Luckily help is at hand in the form of the Staking Machine staking plan software.

This software allows you to analyse past selections  whether they are your own betting selections or those of a tipster you follow.

It produces charts and summary betting profit figures under a range of different staking plans quickly highlighting the most profitable to use for the style of selections you bet.

This software is not free .. it is however very cheap especially when compared to blowing your entire betting bank due to use of an ill thought out and badly researched staking plan.

It is a worthwhile investment if you are any way serious about being a profitable sports bettor.

For a free trial of this software please click here