A simplistic view of racing sites on the net is that they fall into two camps.

Camp 1 – These are complete con men often marketing men who know little about racing
but who can and will do and say anthing to part you from your cash.

Camp 2 – Hard working and knowlegable people. True experts in their field who can
help mentor you to success.

Michael Wilding I would palce most definately in camp 2.

He  wants to give you a free winner finding tool!

The Puntology Auto Race Ratings Tool is a spreadsheet that you just paste
data into from the Racing Post website and instantly it calculates a rating
for each horse and highlights the top rated.

The whole process takes less than 30 seconds per race.

When you visit the Puntology site today you can also watch a video of the
(very nice) Michael Wilding walking you through using the tool, step by

So why is Michael giving this great tool away for free?

Puntology 2.0

Of course there is a catch, but its just a small one, the giveaway is in
support of the relaunch of the Puntology training program.

The Puntology course is a great program and I urge you to read all about it
when the details of the updated lessons are released, but if you just want
the free tool then that’s fine, just pop over to

Visit Puntology Now


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