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UFC 229 – All you need to know

It has finally arrived! The most anticipated clash in the history of the UFC between two of the sports leading lights in Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor. Both fighters bring in impressive profiles in which there key attributes can be viewed in more detail in the infographic below. How about the fight? We list all you need to know below:

Contest: UFC 229 Main event – Lightweight title fight

Date: October 6th (7th in the UK)

Venue: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada

How to watch: Live on BT Sport in the UK

Time of fight: Starts at 1am with the main event scheduled for around 4 or 5am

Odds on the McGregor Khabib fight:       Khabib Nurmagomedov (4/7)       Conor McGregor (6/4)







The 2018 edition of the Ryder Cup is quickly approaching us and it is shaping up to be a fiercely contested one. The United States are the current holders of the competition following their 17-11 victory over Team Europe at the Hazeltine National Golf Club in 2016, and will want to retain the trophy for the first time since the 1993 Ryder Cup. However, if history repeats itself then it’ll be unlikely the Americans will retain the cup as their last victory in Europe came in 1993.


This year’s tournament will be held on the Albatros Course of Le Golf National in France for the first time in the tournaments history, and will be the second Ryder Cup to be held in Continental Europe.


Despite the United States team having an awful record in Europe over the years, they surprisingly head into the tournament as favourites according to the Ryder Cup odds available on numerous bookmaker sites. From an outsiders perspective this might seem shocking, but if you look more closely into it then you get a clearer picture of why the Americans are rated so highly this time around. Since their Ryder Cup victory in 2016, American golfers have dominated in the following eight Major tournaments. Six of the previous eight Major winners have all been from America, with half of those titles going to Brooks Koepka.


Although the United States team might come into the tournament as slight favourites, the Ryder Cup is always difficult to predict, and considering the American teams form in Europe in the past couple of decades, it is just as likely the European side are likely to regain the trophy from the Americans.


With the tournament just around the corner, this infographic has been created which gives you a run down on the golf course, giving you all the information you need to know about each hole including its length and par. Check it out!


Le Golf National Golf Course







We are all familiar with those situations when you hear someone lamenting their ‘luck’ at the races. Not bad luck in the traditional sense, such as a horse falling at the last fence, but ‘luck’ in a sense of questioning a series of random events like “the favourites just weren’t at it today.”  The idea here is that, on a given day, some hand of providence has decided that the favourites, each competing independently, have somehow collectively decided or been prompted to perform badly.

This all feeds into one of the most interesting ideas of betting psychology, termed apophenia, where we see connections in random events or numbers. The simplest example is the roulette wheel. If, for example, number 12 has come up, we might change the next number that we bet on, because we feel that it is less likely to come up twice in a row. Of course, the irony is that some people might think that number 12 is more likely to come up because it is ‘hot’.



This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA


Consecutive winners can feel ‘out of place’

Going back to racing, there are lots of ways this apophenia filters into our decision-making. Consider this question: How many punters would have been, even unconsciously, put off by backing Frankie Dettori after the third or fourth race during his famous seven-winners day at Ascot in 1996? Surely by mid-afternoon some would have felt that Dettori had already used up his ‘quota’ of wins for the day? We must remember that only two of those horses, Diffident and Decorated Hero, went off at odds greater than 4/1. The collective result was remarkable, but each individual race wasn’t.



Apophenia stops us from judging each race on its merits. Consider Willie Mullins, uncharacteristically, having no winners on Day One of the 2017 Cheltenham Festival. How many of us would have begun to blindly back the Irish trainer because we felt his luck was due to turn? Now, as it turned out, Mullins’ did bounce back with four stunning wins on St Patrick’s Thursday, but this was down to the merits of each individual horse, and some fine riding by Ruby Walsh. None of it was down to Mullins’ being ‘due’ a couple of winners to satisfy the precedence of his marvellous Cheltenham record.



This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

Wasting free bets is bad psychology

It is, of course, a given that having a cold detachment can help with your betting, but the psychology of it permeates everything we do. Using free bets, for example, and you can follow the link to find the best free bet no deposit offers to use now,  we are more likely to plump for something as a longshot, because ‘it’s not our money’. At the very least, we put less thought into it than we do for our own money. Bookies know this. They know that we are less likely to bet on Manchester City, at odds-on with all bookmakers to win the Premier League this season, than a team like Liverpool (5/1, William Hill) or Manchester United (7/1).

Is it possible to be truly objective when placing a bet? Perhaps not. Betting fills us full of emotion. We may come to unconsciously dislike a horse or jockey because they scuppered a bet before. Or, indeed, we could be drawn towards a horse because of the good times delivered in the past. However, the more we move towards objective reasoning, the better our ‘luck’ should become.






The Premier League is one of the biggest and most watched leagues in the world, with some of the finest football clubs in world football competing against each other. The top flight of English football is the most lucrative league in the world, with multi-billion pound TV deals being signed every few years and being distributed evenly across all twenty Premier League clubs. Considering that every Premier League is guaranteed at least £100 million in TV deals and prize money every season, it is no surprise that every club in the league can afford to spend large sums of money every season in order to improve their squads. There is a fear amongst some fans that the money from TV deals will eventually ‘dry up’ due to the increasing costs, but with television deals worth around £8.4 billion being secured in the past year, there seems to be no end to the amount of money which is being pumped into the league for the time being.


Last season, there were a number of impressive performances from players from all twenty Premier League clubs. Some players managed to put in one or two world class performances, whilst others were in sensational form all season. One of the most consistent players this season was Mohamed Salah. At the start of the season, Salah wasn’t the favourite to be the top goalscorer according to the football odds, but the Egyptian was in sensational form all season and managed to score 32 goals throughout the Premier League season to end up winning the ‘Golden Boot’ trophy. The Egyptian forward stole the headlines all season thanks to his impressive goal tally, but there were other players which were just as impressive. Two-time ‘Golden Boot’ winner Harry Kane narrowly missed out on the award for the third time in a row, finishing just two goals behind Salah. Whilst Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne racked up an impressive 16 assists.


These performances throughout the season have meant that a number of players in the league were in the final World Cup squad for their respective countries. In this quiz, it is your job to figure out how many players from each Premier League club will be competing in Russia this summer. Current champions Manchester City have the most players competing out of any Premier League club, but are you able to figure out the specific number. Take this quiz and find out.


The biggest international football tournament in the world, the World Cup, has finally arrived! Every four years, the best national teams from around the world get together and compete against each other to get their hands on the prestigious trophy. The World Cup odds to win that are current available suggest that current world champions Germany are the favourites to win the trophy for the second consecutive tournament. However, five-time winners Brazil are just behind them on the odds market. Like the previous World Cup tournament, these two are the favourites to face off against each other in the final. However depending of their results in the group stage, the two nations could potentially face each other in the ‘Round of 16’ if Brazil win their group and Germany finish in second place in their group. Similarly, the teams could also face each other in the same round if Brazil finish second and Germany finish third. However, the most likely scenario is that both teams will win their groups. If this is the case then a final between the two sides is likely as it will be the earliest they will be able to ‘meet’ each other.


The average age of all 736 players is almost 28 years old, which will be the oldest in the tournament’s history. As you would expect, world class players such Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Edinson Cavani will all be competing at the tournament and adding to their 100+ caps despite reaching the later stages of their career. They’ll also be looking to add to their international goal tally. Meanwhile there will be players such as Dele Alli, Leon Goretzka, and Sergej Milinkovi?-Savi? who are relatively new to international tournaments and will be making their debut at the World Cup this summer. Although these players have very little experience on the international stage, they have to ability to produce moments of magic which could help their teams in the later stages of the tournament.


In this quiz, you are required to guess each individual player from their record for the national team. Some of the players mentioned should be instantly recognisable, but other may be slightly more difficult to guess. Take this quiz to see how many you can get correct, and let us know your score.




IMAGE SOURCE: @Hochi_Horse_en via Twitter

It is undoubtedly a great time to be a sports fan
at the moment. While the likes of the Cheltenham
Festival, the Six Nations and the Grand National at
Aintree have already been and gone, there
remains a host of top sporting events still to
come across the rest of 2018. From the World
Cup to Wimbledon and even a new football
season, there are a host of opportunities for
people to get betting on their favourite sports.

With this in mind, you may have already started
to assess your options in terms of which specific
events you want to have a flutter on. You might
have also had an early glance at odds to see
where you may eventually choose to put your
money. However, another important issue you
then have to consider is just how much cash you
ultimately plan to stake on your upcoming bets.
Should you always play it safe and keep amounts
modest or are there actually moments when you
could go big and really dig deep into your betting

In this article, we are going to take a look at the
so-called act of ‘high-rolling’ and whether there
are standout moments in sports betting where
high stakes are the only way to go.

A roll of the dice

For the uninitiated, the idea of a ‘high-roller’
has its roots in rolling the dice in casino gambling
but it has been adopted and used in a range of
other different areas across the decades.

As the Collins English Dictionary outlines, the basic
definition of a high roller in gambling is an
individual who puts down large stakes – a
strategy that clearly not only offers significant
potential for winning big but plenty of risks too.
However, it is a relative misconception to say
that people take the high-roller approach without
care, as, quite often, a lot of thought and
strategy goes into it. For example, according to an
article by Betway, high rollers in roulette in the
past have tended to use an adapted version of
the famous Martingale strategy in order to try to
maximise their winnings. In addition, such
individuals – who can also be referred to as
‘whales’ – often undertake a lot of research into a
game before deciding it is for them. As Business
Insider highlights, many involved in gambling are
drawn to baccarat as it is a game which offers
only a small advantage to the house when
compared to others.


IMAGE SOURCE: @ValleyGames_CA via Twitter

But while high-rolling is a major established
concept in gambling, is there ever a time when
putting down a high stake makes sense in the
sports betting world?

Key issues

While there are never any guarantees of success
when it comes to betting, one of the most
obvious times when high stakes may be the way
to go could be when there is a competitor or
team who is seemingly an absolute dead-cert for
victory. Alternatively, such an approach may be
an option in a scenario when backing a prolific
striker to finish as the top goalscorer in a football season.
Take La Liga for example, where the likes
of Ronaldo and Messi have dominated the scoring
charts for years.

Of course, it should also be said that – as with
any other form of betting – there are always key
issues to bear in mind when planning to put big
money on an outcome.

A great place to get started with sports betting
is to get the basics right and try to strengthen
your position with a bit of research. Whether it is
horse racing or football, take time to consider
form and the potential for upsets so that you can
make an informed decision on where to put your
money. It is also worth bearing in mind that
inspiration can from a number of unlikely places,
with research even hinting that Twitter can prove
useful when trying to predict the outcome of a
football match.

Furthermore, as in any betting situation, it is
always important to make bankroll management
a top priority. It is always useful to put limits in
place in terms of how you intend to bet, with the
ultimate aim of avoiding any risk of damaging
losses and ensuring your betting always remains

Exciting action

This year looks set to be an absolute classic for
sporting action and that means there are a host
of opportunities for you to have a bet on the
outcome of a range of competitions. While there
may only be a handful of occasions when it is
suitable to put down a high stake, it is worth
keeping the betting basics in mind to ensure you
stay on track for some success.





How much would a Premier League Team
spend each year on washing it’s football kit?

I am sure that is a question that has been
keeping you awake at night for many a year now?


Well even if not, now that it has been posed I am
sure you are semi curious as to the answer.

All is revealed in the info graphic below
courtesy of Paddy  Power football bets





Soccer Tip Investment

I believe many out there set off on their punting journeys

with totally incorrect base core assumptions and outlooks.

Harking back to my old life as a Civil Engineer I would say that

” A building is only as strong as it’s foundations”

If you set realistic and sensible visions and work at them you are more prone to achieve long term success than the pie in sky dreamer.

See this article over at  the Soccer Tip site which is a bit different to the normal high hype style of most betting tipsters.

Soccer Tip Investment





The Rise of NFL in the UK Betting Market

The sports betting market continues to grow in the UK, as does the interest in the NFL, with bookmakers recording record figures on NFL turnover in 2013, and that number has only grown in the last 12 months.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, given the huge rise in interest in the NFL in a country that, as of this season, has now seen one or more games at Wembley for eight straight years, as well as increased talk of a franchise heading in London’s direction.

The increase in media coverage on the game is obvious to those that have followed it for a long time, and with that growth in popularity comes further interest from bookmakers. This season has not only seen record figures on turnover, but also a healthier competition between firms on their wide range of markets on offer.

Changing focus

Where sites were once dedicated to Spanish soccer games, golf, or the next Premier League matchup, Sunday evenings are now an array of NFL betting opportunities, with countless pre match and live markets giving you every chance to maximise any angle you may have.

Whilst the NFL is the first of the big Stateside sports to permeate into the British betting mentality, it is unlikely to be the last, given the massive market that exists for all four big sports in Vegas. That is certainly the big reason as to why the NFL was allowed to grow as a product initially, but now established, it cannot be the only reason bettors remain interested.

And indeed, looking at the betting opportunities in Week 15 of this season, it isn’t hard to see why that interest lingers. For a start, in the UK, the NFL is placed in a prime time to bet, starting only minutes after the final Premier League game of the day, just as bettors settle down for the evening. Whether they are looking to further their profit, or claw back some earlier losses, there are three lots of games on, allowing for singles and parlays to add to the interest of their night.

It is fast becoming a ritual for many to sit on the couch from 6pm until past midnight and catch six plus hours of coverage offered on a cable service, whilst more avid fans opt for the live streaming package offered by the league. This access, more than ever before, has more than contributed to the growth of the product in the UK, as has the simplicity of the markets.

More choice

Given that soccer and horse racing are the two primary sports to bet on the UK, it is rare you have the simple two way market, as is offered almost solely on the NFL. With soccer, there are, for the most part, three possible outcomes, whilst with horse racing, much knowledge must be garnered until you can be confident to pick a winner from a field of ten or more.

However, given the nature of the NFL, it is easy to go down a list of games and parlay six teams. Moreover, with live betting becoming the force that it is in the UK, the stop-start nature of the games make betting much simpler than soccer for instance, given that the ball may not leave the field for up to five minutes at a time.

Will Geno Smith throw a pick this quarter? Reckon Aaron Rodgers can throw for 310 yards this week? Think the Titans will earn more than 5 wins this season?

These are all yes/no answers, and are much easier to offer for bookmakers that have struggled to grow their soccer product in the past decade.

However, for some, it isn’t the simplicity that is paramount to their betting experience. Being able to choose one way or another is a given, so for those bettors, it is being secure in the knowledge that a vastly larger bet can be had.

Due to the aforementioned strength from Vegas, the NFL markets in the UK are priced tightly by bookmakers, and as such, larger stakes are more readily taken than in other major sports, such as golf or tennis. You are much more likely to have a $25,000 bet accepted on the Broncos to beat the Chargers than on Rafael Nadal to beat Roger Federer for instance.

In the UK, with online betting a way of life for many at this point, new opportunities are bound to arise, but right now, it is the NFL that is maximising that potential, and as one of the fastest growing products around, it can only get bigger and better. Whilst the sport will remain American to the core, perhaps the UK betting industry will soon have a thing or two to teach the rest of the world when it comes to gambling on the NFL.



As the goals flew past Julio Cesar during a simply astonishing period of the first half, punters who had sold Brazil’s Supremacy on the spreads were cheering probably just as loudly as the German fans inside the Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte.

You see with football spread betting, the potential winnings are not capped like a fixed odds bet, so the more your team or bet increases their winning margin, the more profit your bet makes.

For spread betters who had placed a Supremacy spread bet getting against the Brazilians with SpreadEx, every goal that the Germans plundered increased their winnings meaning profits of six times their stake size at the final whistle.

However, it’s important to remember that unlike fixed odds betting, with spread betting you can lose more than your initial stake should your bet go against you. So those who had bought Brazil’s Supremacy at 0.2 would have been left feeling just as miserable as the host nation’s huge fan base as they lost 6.2 times their initial stake.

Football Supremacy spread betting v fixed odds Match Winner betting

For football spread betters, the Supremacy market is one of the most popular
spreads to play on among the hundreds of prices on offer. But just how does
the Supremacy spread betting maket work?

Let’s look at the Brazil v Germany pre-match betting in more detail to
explain how to bet on this market and how it compares to traditional fixed odds
Match Winner betting.

Before the game, Brazil – surprisingly to some perhaps given the absence
of Neymar and Thiago Silva from their line up – were rated as very slight
favourites by the bookies.

In fixed odds Match Winner market terms this meant Brazil were 8/5 to win and
Germany were 15/8. This translated to a spread betting Supremacy price of Brazil/Germany
0 – 0.2.

So a £100 fixed odds bet on Germany to win at 15/8 would have returned
£187.50 in profits (not including the original £100 stake), however
a £100 sell of Brazil’s Supremacy at 0 would have returned £600
in profits ((6 – 0) x £100).

Of course, you can’t score 0.2 goals in a game; the spread here simply
gives an example of how much stronger the spread betting firms think one team
is over another.

So in a one sided encounter you may see a spread firm offer a Supremacy spread
of Team A/Team B 1.9 – 2.1. This would mean the firm thinks Team A will win
the game by about a two goal margin.

In each case you can play the Supremacy spread based on who you think will win
the game. If you think a particular team will win by more goals than the spread
or by less than the spread, or if you think the underdogs will win (when the
market would end up with a negative make-up) you can buy or sell accordingly.

E.g. for the second World Cup semi-final, SpreadEx has a Supremacy price of
Argentina/Netherlands 0.1 – 0.3. Again this suggests, that Argentina are slight
favourites, reflected in the fixed odds Match Winner prices of Argentina at
7/5 and the Netherlands at 11/5.

If you were playing the spreads and fancied Argentina to win by a goal, you
would buy Argentina’s Supremacy at 0.3. If they won by a goal you would
win 0.7 times your stake (1 – 0.3), if they won by a two goal margin you
would win 1.7 times your stake (2 – 0.3), if they won by a three goal
margin you would win 2.7 times your stake (3 – 0.3) and so on. If the
match was a draw, you would lose 0.3 times your stake (0 – 0.3), if Holland
won by a goal you would lose 1.3 times your stake (-1 – 0.3), if Holland
won by a two goal margin you would lose 2.3 times your stake (-2 – 0.3)
and so on.

The attraction to spread betters is that if you have a strong view that one
team is going to be more dominant than the spread suggests, then you can potentially
end up with greater profits from this type of bet than simply backing a strong
favourite at very short odds.

The other reason that many punters love to play the Supremacy market is the
ease of executing bets in-play. The Supremacy spread is constantly updated during
a match so it will change after every goal to indicate the updated view of how
many goals a team may end up winning by. It will also change every few minutes
if there hasn’t been a goal scored to reflect the updated price.

For punters this means you can open or close bets at any time during a match
to take a profit or cut a loss. For example, anyone who had closed out their
Supremacy bet before Brazil scored their consolation goal in the final minute
would have been able to take a price of 6.9 resulting in profits 6.9 their initial
stake rather than the final 6 times stake conclusion.

So next time you take a look at the fixed odds Match Winner prices on a close
encounter, before you instantly switch to Half-Time / Full-Time or Correct Score
options instead, maybe bear in mind the spread betting Supremacy market for
a different way to bet on which team you think will win a football match.

Visit SpreadEx where you can bet tradional bookmakers bets and spread betting
as well.